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Marco D’Amore was born in Caserta in 1981. In 2000, he auditioned and was cast in the show "Le Avventure di Pinocchio" ("Pinocchio’s Adventures"), produced by Toni Servillo’s Teatri Uniti company and directed by Andrea Renzi. In 2004, he graduated from the Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi of Milan and after that he had several experiences on stage: among these the one with Elena Bucci and Marco Sgrosso’s company and "La trilogia della villeggiatura" with Toni Servillo.
In 2005, he founded with Francesco Ghiaccio the theater and film production company "La Piccola Società" with which, over the years, he staged four theater shows directed and interpreted by himself ("Solita Formula", "Il figlio di Amleto", "L’Albero" and "L’Acquario") and two short films interpreted and scripted by him and Francesco Ghiaccio who also directed them ("Gabiano con una B sola" and "Voci Bianche"), both in competition at the Turin Film Festival.
In 2010, he co-starred with Toni Servillo in the film "Una vita tranquilla" by Claudio Cupellini. In 2014, he became famous in the role of Ciro di Marzio in the TV series "Gomorrah". In the same year, he produced with his own and the Indiana Production company the film "A Safe Place" and he was cast in the films "Perez" with Luca Zingaretti, directed by Edoardo De Angelis, and "Alaska" with Elio Germano directed by Claudio Cupellini.
In 2016, he directed and interpreted in theaters "American Buffalo" by David Mamet.
In 2017, he starred with Claudio Santamaria in the film "Brutti e Cattivi", directed by Cosimo Gomez. The film was nominated for 2 Silver Ribbons and 6 David di Donatello. In the same year, he took part with Vinicio Marchioni in the film "Drive Me Home", directed by Simone Catania.
In 2018, he wrote the comedy "Dolcissime", with Francesco Ghiaccio who also directed it. In 2019, he debuted as a director with the fifth and sixth episodes of "Gomorrah"’s 4th season. He will star again as Ciro di Marzio in the film "L’Immortale", spin-off of the series "Gomorrah", directed by himself.

  • Filmography:

    Tris di donne e abiti nuziali – directed by Vincenzo Terracciano (2009)
    Una vita tranquilladirected by Claudio Cupellini (2010)
    Love Is All You Needdirected by Susanne Bier (2011)
    Perezdirected by Edoardo De Angelis (2014)
    Alaska directed by Claudio Cupellini (2015)
    Un posto sicurodirected by Francesco Ghiaccio (2015)
    Brutti e cattivi – directed by Cosimo Gomez (2017)
    L'immortale - Il film – directed by Marco D'Amore (2019)

    Benvenuti a tavola - Nord vs Sud – TV series, directed by Francesco Miccichè (2012)
    Gomorra - La serie – TV series, directed by Stefano Sollima, Francesca Comencini, Claudio Cupellini and Claudio Giovannesi (2014-2017)

    Le avventure di Pinocchio  – directed by Andrea Renzi (2001)
    directed by
    Santa Maria d'America by Andrea Renzi – directed by Andrea Renzi (2005)
    Solita formula by Francesco Ghiaccio (2006)
    Macbeth – directed by Elena Bucci (2006)
    La trilogia della villeggiatura by Carlo Goldoni – directed by Toni Servillo (2007)
    Il figlio di Amleto by Francesco Ghiaccio
    L'albero by Francesco Ghiaccio
    Santa Giovanna dei Macelli – directed by Elena Bucci (2009)
    L'acquario by Francesco Ghiaccio (2012)
    American Buffalo by David Mamet – directed by Marco D'Amore (2016)

    short films
    Gabiano con una sola B – directed by Francesco Ghiaccio (2007)
    Voci bianche – directed by Francesco Ghiaccio (2012)
    Uomo in mare – directed by Emanuele Palamara (2016)

    L'immortale - Il film – directed by Marco D'Amore (2019)

    Gomorra - La serie – TV series (two episodes), co-directed with Francesca Comencini, Claudio Cupellini, Enrico Rosati and Ciro Visco (2019)

    American Buffalo by David Mamet – directed by Marco D'Amore (2016)