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Saul Nanni, 19-year-old actor from Bologna, soon after graduating at the liceo scientifico internazionale (science international high school), started his career when, at 13 years of age, first worked for Rai1 in "La Certosa di Parma" and then debuted in cinema in the film by Luca Miniero "Un boss in salotto", winner of the Biglietto d’oro award.
In 2015 Disney chose him as one of the stars of the big hit series "Alex & Co.", followed by the casting in Luca Lucini’s film "Come diventare grandi nonostante i genitori", together with Matthew Modine, Margherita Buy and Giovanna Mezzogiorno.
Again with Disney he recorded two compilation albums: "We are one" and "Welcome to your show".
2017 was a busy year as Saul worked in two important projects for Rai 1 "Non Dirlo al Mio Capo" and "Scomparsa", and at the same time was cast by Pupi Avati, the great Italian director, as co-protagonist of "Il Fulgore di Dony", in which he dealt with a dramatic and complex role. "Il Fulgore di Dony" premiered on Rai 1 in late May 2018. In the autumn of 2018 Saul was again in the cast of the television series "Non dirlo al mio capo 2", which aired on RAI1.
Lately the announcement of his participation in the cast of "Made in Italy", the first tv series about the birth of Italian fashion in the seventies. Directed by Luca Lucini and Ago Panini, the shooting will start on the 24th october, 2018. Saul will be also in the tv film "I ragazzi dello zecchino d'oro", directed by Ambrogio Lo Giudice and then again in theaters with "Mio fratello rincorre i dinosauri", a film based on the book by Giacomo Mazzariol under the direction of Stefano Cipani, here performing with Alessandro Gassman and Isabella Ragonese.

photo credits: SIMON MINARDI

  • Filmography:

    Come diventare grandi, nonostante i genitori – directed by Luca Lucini (2016)
    Un Boss in salotto – directed by Luca Miniero (2014)

    Scomparsa – directed by Fabrizio Costa, Rai 1 (2018)
    Il Fulgore di Dony – directed by Pupi Avati (2017)
    Non Dirlo al Mio Capo – directed by Giulio Manfredonia, Rai 1 (2016-2018)
    Alex &Co. – directed by Claudio Norza (2015-2016)
    La Certosa di Parma – directed by Cinzia Th Torrini (2012)