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Actor, director and photographer. Born in Naples on June 3, 1983. He attended for three years, with various didactic and theatrical experiences, the courses of the Laboratorio Teatro Permanente di Napoli, directed by Maria Benoni (assistant to Étienne Decroux). In 2002 he debuted on stage in "The Bear: A Joke in One Act" by Anton Cechov and "This Property Is Condemned" by Tennessee Williams under the direction of Maria Benoni. His stage career continued also with street performances and shows held in places far from classical theaters. Among these, the Nisida Juvenile Hall where he worked as a voluntary theater educator sharing shows with the young guests of the structure. He graduated in Lettere Moderne (Literature) with a specialization in Modern Philology at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. Since 2010 he works as a photographer with the Neapolitan reporter Luciano Ferrara, taking care of the visual production of exhibitions, events, festivals and social themes with the associations Wine&foto and Tribunali 138. In 2004 he debuted in cinema with the film "Le conseguenze dell’amore" by Paolo Sorrentino. Again in cinema: "Dragonheart 5" directed by Ivan Silvestrini, "L’era legale" by Enrico Caria, "Mater Mediterranea" by Giuseppe Ferrara, "La tenerezza" by Gianni Amelio, "La parrucchiera" by Stefano Incerti. In television he took part in several series like "La Squadra", "Carabinieri 3", "Un Posto al Sole", "Squadra mobile 2", "Provaci ancora prof. 6". In the main cast of the TV series "Gomorrah - The Series season 3" directed by Claudio Cupellini and Francesca Comencini, and "Gomorrah - The Series season 4" directed by Francesca Comencini, Claudio Cupellini, Marco D'Amore, Enrico Rosati, Ciro Visco, in the role of Enzo, nicknamed “Sangue Blu” (Blue Blood), boss of the new group trying to gain control on the center of Naples. He continued his education attending workshops by directors and internatonal educators like Yves Lebreton, Marise Flach, Bruce Myers, Jos Houben, Anton Milenin, Matthew Lenton. He moves to London to go on with is studies at the Actors Centre, where he gets to know the work of Sinéad Rushe, Gari Jones and Anna Ledwich. Back from London, in 2013, he collaborates with the British director Mark Dunton taking to schools shows in English language like "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare and Dracula based on the book by Bram Stoker. In the same year he founded, together with director Ludovica Rambelli, his own theater company, "The Hats Company", staging William Shakespeare’s plays in original language with the rhythms of the “commedia all’italiana”, presenting in 2014, at the Festival di Benevento Città Spettacolo, "Wrong play, my lord!" from Hamlet and "Don’t say that name, please!" from Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

photo credits: ANNA MONACO

  • Filmography:

    2018 - Dragonheart 5 by Ivan Silvestrini
    2016 - La tenerezza by Gianni Amelio
    2016 - La Parrucchiera by Stefano Incerti
    2015 - Killer by Ciro Scognamiglio (short film)
    2012 - Mater Mediterranea by Giuseppe Ferrara
    2010 - L’Era Legale by Enrico Caria
    2010 - Ranjani by Nazareno Nicoletti (short film)
    2008 - Un Passo Indietro by Marco Pugliese (Italienska Filmfestivalen of Stockholm) (short film)
    2007 - Videopolis by Rosario Gallone (short film)
    2007 - Solitudini by Giulio Arcopinto (short film)
    2003 - Le Conseguenze dell’Amore by Paolo Sorrentino

    2018 - Gomorra - fourth season by Francesca Comencini, Claudio Cupellini, Marco D'Amore, Enrico Rosati, Ciro Visco
    2017 - Gomorra - third season by Claudio Cupellini and Francesca Comencini
    2016 - Squadra Mobile 2 by Alexis Sweet
    2015 - Provaci ancora Prof. 6 by Enrico Oldoini/Francesca Marra
    2014 - Un Posto al Sole various directors
    2008 - La Nuova Squadra by Luca Facchini
    2006 - Un Posto al Sole various directors
    2004 - La Squadra by Cristiano Celeste
    2003 - Carabinieri 3 by Raffaele Mertes

    2018 - I Creditori by August Strindberg, directed by Orlando Cinque
    2016 - Io sono invincibile based on Caligola by Albert Camus, directed by Pasquale Ioffredo
    2015-2016 - La morte è un punto by Katarina Carlshamre (director)
    2014-2016 - Wrong play, My lord! (English language) based on Hamlet by William Shakespeare, directed by Ludovica Rambelli
    2014 - Dracula by Bram Stoker, directed by Mark Dunton (English language)
    2013 - The Mousetrap directed by Ludovica Rambelli (English language)
    2013 - Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, directed by Mark Dunton (English language)
    2013 - Othello by William Shakespeare, directed by Alessio Sica (English language)
    2011 - Studio perimetrale intorno l’incertezza directed by Massimo Maraviglia (assistant director)
    2011 - Le femmine sapute by Molière (director)
    2011 - Enciclopedia dei morti by Danilo Kiš and based on Dalle annotazioni di un guardiano by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Renato Carpentieri (assistant director)
    2010 - Esercizi di stile by Raymond Queneau, directed by Raffaele Rizzo
    2010 - Dove scorre il Sebeto by Mimmo Grasso, directed by Raffaele Rizzo
    2009 - Performances directed by Matthew Lenton and Kamal Zeidan - Napoli Teatro Festival Italia
    2009 - I tuoi occhi sono come due stelle ovvero Galileo al bar directed by Vanda Monaco Westersthal
    2009 - A spasso tra arte, artisti e autori, directed by Roberto Del Gaudio
    2003 - Comici e Musici in compagnia, directed by Maria Benoni and Gabriella Marino
    2003 - Radio Eta Beta directed by Gabriella Marino
    2003 - Situations Comiques directed by Maria Benoni and Marina De Rogatis
    2002 - L’Orso by Anton Cechov, and Proibito by Tennessee Williams, directed by Maria Benoni

    2011 - Gate C - Documentary TV program - Rai Educational (voice over)

    2014 - “Je t’aime moi non plus” by M’Barka Ben Taleb, directed by Elena De Candia
    2012 - “Lampioni di sole a Milano” by Concetto Etico, directed by Elena De Candia