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Actress and model, Beatrice was born on June 15 ,2000 in Milan, she is a point of reference for generation Z. Young, determined, a strong personality, she manages to work in film, fashion and to keep up with her studies.
From 2015 to 2017 she is among the stars of "ALEX&CO.", the successful three-season TV show on Disney Channel Italia, where a group of five friends deal with their adventures between high school and music.
In 2016, she makes her debut on the big screen with Matthew Modine, Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Margherita Buy in the film "COME DIVENTARE GRANDI, NONOSTANTE I GENITORI" directed by Luca Lucini, where she plays the role of a teenager dealing a challenging phase of life.
She was guest at the Wired Next Fest, 2017 edition, in Milan, during the second day, for the talk Insta-star, dedicated to her, where she dealt with the themes of overwhelming success from a massive social following and career perspectives at such a young age.
In november 2017, she published her autobiography with the title: I PIEDI PER TERRA, LA TESTA NEL CIELO – La moda, il cinema e le mie “idee grandi” (Fabbri Editore). The book was presented in several and crowded sessions with the audience in the main Italian cities.
In 2018, she is cast in the second season of the TV show with Vanessa Incontrada and Lino Guanciale "NON DIRLO AL MIO CAPO 2", on RAI1.
On october 21, 2018, another debut, a new role in the season of the TV show "L’ISOLA DI PIETRO 2" on Canale 5, from october 21.

photo credits: OSKAR CECERE

  • Filmography:

    Come diventare grandi, nonostante i genitori, by Luca Lucini (2016)

    L’isola di pietro 2 - TV series (2018)
    Non dirlo al mio capo 2 - TV series (2018)
    Alex&CO. - TV series (2015-2017)

  • Works:

    I piedi per terra, la testa nel cielo – La moda, il cinema e le mie “idee grandi”, Fabbri Editore (2017)