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Following the huge success of “Giro Giro Tour” and “La posta di Laura”, the two programmes hosted in 2012 on Super!, Laura Esquivel is back from June the 5th, daily, at 2.10 pm on the free channel De Agostini Editore. The Argentine pop star is the lead of the first soap opera for kids, LOVE DIVINA. The TV show, produced by Pol-Ka (the production company of Violetta and Soy Luna) and Federation, arrives in Italy after debuting in Argentina. It will definitely win over the hearts of young viewers and keep them riveted to the screen to follow the adventures of Divina, a plain young girl who is always prone to helping people in need and the less fortunate. She suddenly finds herself living in a wonderful villa in Buenos Aires, a place which holds many secrets about her life. Mario Schajris, author of “Il Mondo di Patty”, is also one of the writers.

Original Title Love, divina
Category Out of competition
Section Special Events
Tipology TV Series, Special Event
Duration 55' x 60
Nationality Argentina
Based on an idea by Mario Schajris
Main cast Laura Esquivel (Divina)
Manuel Masalva (Felipe)
Jenny Martinez (Sofia)
Harold Azuara (Axel)
Ingrid Martz (Brisa)
Ale Muller (Catalina o Cata)


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