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Can a memory of the body be recalled and triggered again by a dental trauma? That is precisely what happens to Antonio when Mara, his companion smashes his front teeth with an ashtray in the heat of an argument. Antonio needs to get to a dentist rather badly so Mara recommends hers. This is a bad move because the dentist in question fancies Mara and she is not indifferent to his advances. Antonio becomes very jealous, not least because he left his wife and two children for Mara. But is this reality or hallucination? Antonio switches dentists and at every appointment he descends ever further down the slippery slope of squalor, but at the same time he has moments of lucidity while his teeth steadily deteriorate until they are deforming him. The only solution is extraction…

Original Title Denti
Italian Title Denti
Category Out of competition
Section Masterclass
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 98'
Production Year 2000
Nationality Italy
Directed by Gabriele Salvatores
Screenplay Gabriele Salvatores
Director of photography Italo Petriccione
Editor Massimo Fiocchi
Production Design Rita Rabassini
Costume Design Patrizia Chericoni, Florence Emir
Music Federico De Robertis, Teho Teardo, Eraldo Bernocchi
Main cast Sergio Rubini
Anouk Grinberg
Tom Novembre
Anita Caprioli
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Paolo Villaggio
Claudio Amendola
Produced by Vittorio Cecchi Gori, Maurizio Totti

--- regista --- gabriele salvatoresGabriele Salvatores
Born in Naples in 1950. Director and screenwriter, he is also the founder of Colorado Film production company. He debuted behind the camera in 1983 with SOGNO DI UNA NOTTE D’ESTATE. The big hit comes with MEDITERRANEO (1991), which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, David of Donatello for Best Film and the Silver Ribbon for Direction. Among the films he directed there are: NIRVANA (1997), I’M NOT SCARED (2003), QUO VADIS BABY? (2005), AS GOD COMMANDS (2008), HAPPY FAMILY (2010), SIBERIAN EDUCATION (2013).

Cecchi Gori Group
Colorado Film

italian distribution
Cecchi Gori Group

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