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17-year-old Cat is a shy and troubled photography student who spends most of her time alone. Her life is illuminated when her voyeuristic nature behind the camera lens sparks a chance encounter with a beautiful and outgoing music student named April. Their relationship blossoms while circumstances threaten to keep them apart. April͛' s mother Sally struggles to come to terms with her daughter's involvement with Cat, whilst April͛'s obsessive ex-boyfriend Steven is unable to deal with rejection. Spiralling tension will lead to tragic events that will impact the lives of both Cat and April.

Original Title Cat Skin
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 2017
Nationality United Kingdom
Directed by Daniel Grasskamp
Screenplay Daniel Grasskamp
Director of photography Joni Juutilainen
Editor Daniel Grasskamp
Production Design Marja-Lisa Hedenquist
Costume Design Marja-Lisa Hedenquist, Ruby Read
Music Andrea Possee
Main cast Graham Cawte (Jim)
Pip Henderson (Cat's mum)
Jodie Hirst (Cat)
Isaac Money (Steven)
Caroline Oakes (Sally)
Faye Sewell (April)
Produced by Daniel Grasskamp
Trailer L2qVJ086RMA

--- regista --- daniel grasskampDaniel Grasskamp
Daniel Grasskamp is a British writer and director of narrative fiction. He studied at UCA Farnham and receiving a BA Honours degree in Film Production. In his 8 years of industry experience, Grasskamp has made over a dozen fictional short films, some of which have been screened internationally at Tribeca Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. His technical background is in post-production as an editor and colourist, a career that began at OnDemand! in London where he focused on cutting broadcast film trailers for major studio theatrical releases including Warner Tv. Now as Head of Post-Production at the global agency Instinctif Partners, Daniel produces branded content for international clients such as Virgin Media and eBay, as well as writing and directing content with commercial focus. Daniel Grasskamp wrote, directed, produced and edited his debut feature film CAT SKIN which had its World Premiere at this year's Showtime sponsored MiFo Film Festival in Miami.

Director's statement
“CAT SKIN the short film(shot back in2009)was a taster of things to come, as it introduced me to my protagonist Cat and herdesire for the girl of her dreams April.It focused on voyeurisms and obsession. Once the film was done I had the urge toexplore the character ofCatfurther, build on her backstory and her world, which led to introducing new characters. CAT SKINwould be my first feature film,and I threw myself into the deep end.Without being able to secure any funding, I decided to go ahead with the project, pulling in resources from previous collaborators and local filmmakers.The short and feature length films differ stylistically,even though the longer version pushedmore towards a ‘realism’ feel, it was important to me to retain some of the ‘romanticised’ and ‘dream like’ visual qualities of the short film.[…] It’s interesting to see how a long shotengages the audience at a higher level and makes them feel more present in a scene.It’s a stylistic choice, greatly inspired byfilmmakerssuch asBèla TarrandAndrei Tarkovsky,and I like finding a balance, the sweet spot, between the use of a long take and conventional editing forms in a single scene. CAT SKINwas a passion project,that saw me through the majority of my 20s, and dealt with themes and characters very close to my heart.It begins as a romanticised view of falling in love, but our charactersCat and Aprilare unable to keep the flood gates closed, as outside influences pour in and eventually consume their once perfect world”.

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