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Nova Scotia. 1976. Kit Morash (15) lives with his father Dave - the much loved social studies teacher at the local high school - in the small town of Antigonish. The weekend of the American Bicentennial, on a hot Saturday morning Kit secretly packs a suitcase and sneaks off to his friend Alice’s house. It seems as though Kit and Alice are boyfriend and girlfriend, though both seem a bit awkward about it. Alice leaves with Kit, telling her parents that she is going to Kit’s. A plan is afoot. Kit has decided that living with his father is too repressive, and he’ll hit the road to move in with his mother. Accompanied by Alice, Kit will explore his very core - his sexuality, his sense of place and self - in an attempt to find a place to call home.

Original Title Weirdos
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +16
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 85'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Canada
Directed by Bruce McDonald
Screenplay Daniel MacIvor
Director of photography Becky Parsons
Editor Duff Smith
Production Design Matt Likely
Main cast Dylan Authors (Kit)
Julia Sarah Stone (Alice)
Molly Parker
Alan Hawco (Dave)
Produced by Marc Almon, Mike MacMillan
Trailer 2iXeBAw53X0

--- regista --- bruce mcdonaldBruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald is a Canadian director known for his irreverent, eclectic style and his love of music and pop culture. After breaking out with his debut feature ROADKILL, he has gone on to direct numerous other acclaimed films including HARD CORE LOGO, THE TRACY FRAGMENTS and PONTYPOOL. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter., enjoys Italian food and loves the great album Bitches Brew.

Director's statement
“My attraction to Daniel’s script includes my admiration for his sharp, smart human characters and the way he has created comedy and drama out of small, well observed moments, while also avoiding the movie clichés of the lovers on the run, the ticking clock and the threat of explosions of melodrama and violence. Not that we are turning away from entertaining the people. Far from it. I feel that this two day hitchhiking trip along the sunny backroads and Oceanside vistas of Nova Scotia by boyfriend and girlfriend on the eve of the American Bicentennial in the summer of ‘76 will move, groove and astonish audiences with its razor sharp wit and authentic observations of being 15. […] WEIRDOS vibes on atmosphere, sensuality, light, heat, skin, the wind, the sky, the music, the heroes, the zeroes and the sea of teenage possibilities. […] If there was a ticking clock it would be the heartbeats of our hero and heroine and their fear of growing up to be their parents. If there were explosions of melodrama and violence it would be found in music, montage, the momentum of the road, internal combustion engines, guitar solos, tears, embraces, Warhol and his Superstars, helicopters and deep emotion”.

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Lithium Studios Productions

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