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This film is based on a real life events of Sumiya Dorjsuren who competes in the 57 kg and ranks world number one judoka according to the Olympic ranking qualification in Rio Olympics 2016. She was born in a herder family in Baruunturuun soum in the Uvs province, west of Mongolia. When she was 7 years old, her mother who was expecting her fourth baby, lost her life due to a heart failure and Sumiya Dorjsuren left with her father along with 2 siblings who aged 5 and 3. Her father re-married soon and she could not accept her stepmother so she moved to her aunt's place. At that time, she watched judo for the first time and decided to pursue judo.

Original Title White Blessing
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 104'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Mongolia
Directed by Sengedorj Chanchivdorj
Screenplay Nomuunzul. T
Director of photography Enkhgerel. A, Batnyagt. G
Editor Munkhtulga. G
Production Design David Storm
Music Temuulen. TS
Main cast Jingmaa. T (Davaa)
Bazarragchaa. B (Father)
Oyun. O (Mother)
Yalalt. N (Coach)
Produced by Otgonbat. N
Trailer NXzGGkUd6ms

--- regista --- sengedorj chanchivdorjSengedorj Chanchivdorj
He debuted in 1998 with the film TSAGAAN SHUNU. His following films are: DIVAAJINGAAS AMIDRALD HUREH ZAM (1999), MURUUDLIIN KHULUG ONGOTS (2001-2003 tv series), ADAM/OXYGEN (2010), BODLIIN KHULGAICH (2011), NARNII UNGU (2012), LARYDMA (2013), URGEELEG (2014), OMARIIN ERELD (2014), BOSUUL (2015), LOVERS (2016), TSAGAAN KHADAG (2016).

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