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Eduardo is a 10 year old child, victim of the armed conflict in Colombia, who is missing a leg. Howeverthat has not been an impediment to fulfill his dream. In the boarding school in which he lives, the director named Lucio, is a conservative, retrograde and military-looking man who will make Eduardo's life impossible. But together with their music teacher, Eduardo, Valentina and his friends, they will try to overcome several obstacles to achieve their mission: to participate in the children's football tournament.

Original Title Pasos de Héroe
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Colombia
Directed by Henry Rincón
Screenplay Henry Rincón
Director of photography Camilo Monsalve
Editor Carlos Ortega Del Río, Juan Diego Estrada
Production Design Camila Agudelo
Costume Design Carolina Serna
Sound Camilo Posada
Music Camilo Posada
Main cast Federico López (Eduardo)
Valentina Cifuentes (Valentina)
Héctor García (Carlos)
Álvaro García (Lucio)
Arbey Quintero (Jesus)
Andrés Martínez (Santiago)
Marcela Valencia (Josefina)
Produced by Natalia Correa, Mónica Giraldo, Henry Rincón
Trailer WiEzbxhCbAs

--- regista --- henry rinconHenry Rincón
He studied acting for theater, cinema and television. At the same time, he participated in audiovisual production and screenwriting workshops. He worked as a film and television director at the Efraín Arce Aragón school in Medellín, where he wrote and directed the short films LOZOS DE SANGRE, EL ÁRBOL and PRESENCIA UNEXPECTED. In 2008 he directed the short film PERSEGUIDA. During 2009 he worked as a screenwriter for the short film MEMENTO MORI. During the same year, he completed the script for the feature film GOSPEL. He writes the screenplay for feature film THE DEAD MEN (2012), which is shot the following year by Contento Films. Through the production company HÉROE FILMS, leads the development of the cinematographic workshop "The World of Heroes", focused on children in situations of vulnerability. As a result, he is director of the short films A SPACE VACATION and LOS HEROES, screened at various children's and human rights festivals. After winning the scriptwriting Prize for feature film in 2011, he manages to shoot his debut film HERO STEPS in 2014. He also begins to lead different film projects that use the social component as a central focus.

Director's statement
“Pasos de Héroe was born from the need to make invisible heroes visible, people who fight day by day for their families and for their loved ones. [...] “The Invisible Enemy”, is about the tragedy of landmine victims in my Country, seeing this moved me and made me want to make this film. As a Colombian, I felt the urge to do something for my Country, giving my contribution to change the minds of those who have always lived in a state of war. I meant to tell a story of resilience, of how a victim, a young man, with all his vitality and his desire to dream, chases his dream till the end. I didn't want to focus on victims but rather I wanted to use film as a means for social change. Pasos  de  Héroe focuses on the respect for difference, the importance of dreams and the struggle to make them come true. Last but not least it focuses on the value of resilience which is undoubtedly a characteristic of  Colombians”.

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