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Edhel is a young girl born with an ear malformation that makes her ears look pointy. Ella faces her discomfort avoiding relations with people unless it is strictly necessary. School and her classmates are a nightmare. The only place where she feels happy are the stables where her horse Caronte, waits for her to go and see him every afternoon just like her father used to wait for her before he passed away in a freaky accident during a competition. Edhel lives with her mum Ginevra. they have a love and hate relationship: her mum wants her to have an operation so that she can live a normal life, however after meeting Silvano, the weird janitor of the school, she starts to look at her ears differently. Silvano, who has a passion for fantasy, in fact, says pointy ears are a sign she belongs to the Elves.

Original Title Edhel
Italian Title Edhel
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 84'
Production Year 2017
Nationality Italy
Directed by Marco Renda
Screenplay Marco Renda, Elena Starace
Director of photography Francesco Di Pierro
Editor Alessio Rivellino AIC
Production Design Federico Baciocchi
Costume Design Stefania Piovesan
Sound Gianfranco Tortora
Music Marco Scorsolini
Main cast Cristiana Lionello (voce narrante)
Gaia Forte
Roberta Mattei
Mariano Rigillo
Nicolò Ernesto Alaimo
Fioretta Mari

--- regista --- marco rendaMarco Renda
Marco Renda was born in Bari in 1984. He studied direction at Pigrecoemme (2003) and graduated in film direction at the Nuova Università del Cinema (2004), In 2008 he was selected by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia thanks to his BATMAN SENZA CONFINI. Marco has also a degree in literature and won a grant at FABRICA di Benetton in 2009. Marco has directed many commercials and shorts both in film and in digital and has won many awards with his short SUGAR PLUM FAIRY domestically and worldwide. EDHEL, produced by Vinians Productions, is his feature debut.

Director's statement
“The meeting with Silvano, the nerd janitor, sets off a new journey  [...] Edhel, amidst fears and doubts, is swung between two hypotheses, two worlds, like in the movie itself: the neo-realist world, in which a simple little girl lives a troubled childhood,  and the imagined and surreal world that we never see but we can feel and long for. The gate to this world is the wood, a symbol of boundaries that, if trespassed, might change everything. The only hope, the hope in a new life, lays in the illusion of another possible world. But what really matters, at the end of the day, are relationships between people and how they learn to love each other. Thanks to this deep need for love, at the end it's not important if the “other” world, the magic one, really exists. Eventually what really matters is how we succeed in being happy in our daily life”.

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