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Nine year old Anna has moved to a new town. Anna's mother sends her out to make some friends, but the children in the playground are unwelcoming. Apart from one boy, Búi. He encourages Anna to do a heroic deed, to show the other children what she's made of.  His plan works and the children are impressed by Anna's bravery and want to see her again. But who is Búi, and why can’t Anna see his house, deep in the lava field?

Original Title Búi
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Short Film
Duration 13' 16''
Production Year 2016
Nationality Iceland
Directed by Inga Lisa Middleton
Screenplay Inga Lisa Middleton
Main cast Anja Saeberg
Bjarni Kristbjornsson
Nanna Kristin Magnusdottir
Hanna Maria Karlsdottir
Produced by Skuli Malmquist

--- regista --- inga lisa middletonInga Lisa Middleton
Trained at the Royal College of Art, Inga has worked as a filmmaker and photographer both in Iceland and the UK. She has successfully written, directed and sometimes produced television series, short films and adverts. Her animated film A FAIRY TALE OF OUR TIME was selected for the prestigious main competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

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