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Max, an urban rabbit boy, gets trapped in an old-fashioned Easter rabbit school that is surrounded by a clever fox family scheming to take over Easter. With the help of cute rabbit girl Emmy and training lessons from mysterious Madame Hermione, Max not only learns the secret magic of Easter bunnies, but also that home is where your heart is – and where you’ll never hop alone. Will this be enough to save Easter and his new friends?

Original Title Die Häschenschule - Jagd nach dem goldenen Ei
Category Out of competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 76'
Production Year 2017
Nationality Germany
Directed by Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Screenplay Katja Grübel, Dagmar Rehbinder
Based on the book "Die Häschenschule"
by Fritz Koch-Gotha, Albert Sixtus
Editor Erik Stappenbeck
Animation Peter Bohl
Production Design Heiko Hentschel
Sound Mirko Reinhard
Music Alex Komlew
Original Voices Noah Levi (Max)
Melina Witez (Emmi)
Senta Berger (Madame Hermine)
Friedrich von Thun (Eitelfritz)
Jule Böwe (Fuchsmutter Ruth)
Dirk Petrick (Fuchs Ferdinand)
Produced by Dirk Beinhold
Trailer EDRvzSlCSzk

--- regista --- ute von münchow-pohlUte von Münchow-Pohl
Born in Germany, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Muenster. She was an animator at Hahn Film in Berlin on the TV series BENJAMIN BLÜMCHEN and feature film WERNER – BEINHART (1987-1990). After an animation workshops in Costa Rica (1991), she was animator on Universal Pictures’ AN AMERICAN TAIL: FIEVEL GOES WEST. Until 2002 she worked for TFC Trickompany in Hamburg on projects including DER KLEENE PUNKER AND FELIDAE and has taught at the Animation School Hamburg. She debuted as feature director in 2001 with KOMMANDO STÖRTEBEKER. She also animated LAURAS STERN, presented at Giffoni Film Festival, and DER KLEINE EISBÄR 2 for Berlin’s Cartoon-Film and directed the TV series as well as the cinema version of KLEINER DODO and screen adaptations of DER KLEINE RABE SOCKE.

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