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A gripping coming of age story about a young Polish boy who travels to Sweden with his parents to pick strawberries and experiences the prejudices endured by migrant workers when he falls in love with the Swedish farmer’s daughter.

Original Title Jordgubbslandet
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 93'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Wictor Ericsson
Screenplay Wictor Ericsson
Director of photography Nadim Carlsen
Editor Erik Bafving
Music Hanan Townshend
Main cast Staszek Cywka
Nelly Axelsson
Przemyslaw Sadowski
Julia Kijowska
Emilie Strandberg
Torkel Petersson
Jan Dravnel
Mateusz Krol
Produced by Erik Magnusson
Trailer rMWmGJMNCsY

--- regista --- wiktor ericssonWiktor Ericsson
Wiktor Ericsson born in 1973, is a Swedish screenwriter/director. He has been headwriter of the TV-series STARKE MAN AND HALVVÄGS TILL HIMLEN and the director of the short KK. In 2013 he made his feature film debut with the documentary A LIFE IN DIRTY MOVIES. STRAWBERRY DAYS is his narrative film debut.

Director's statement
“Strawberry Days takes place at Listerlandet, in southern Sweden, where I grew up. I’ve always been curious about the migrant-workers who came there to work. You see them everywhere, working in the fields, but at the same time it’s like they existed in a parallel reality. I wanted to create a film that puts you in the shoes of these migrant-workers. That looks at Sweden, a country that prides itself on its social equality, through their eyes. At the heart of the story I set two teenagers who, by falling I love, are able to break through the invisible barrier that exists between their worlds. They are able to see each other – when everyone else are caught up by their own self-interest. In making the film I felt it was crucial to work as much as possible with real locations and to include real migrant-workers in the cast. The film depicts a specific place, but since migrant-workers form an essential part of our global economy, it’s also a universal story that I fell an obligation to tell as truthfully as I can”.

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