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12-year-old Wendy is not thrilled when her parents Gunnar and Heike decide to spend the summer vacation at "Rosenborg", the dilapidated equestrian farm owned by her grandmother Herta. Since the death of Wendy's grandfather, Herta runs the farm on her own - and finds herself in direct competition with "St. Georg", the modern stables of Ulrike. After a riding accident, Wendy, formerly an enthusiastic and successful rider, never got back on a horse. But once arrived, she crosses ways with wounded horse Dixie which escaped from butcher Röttgers. Dixie seems to seek Wendy's company and follows her on every step. Between the two loners a friendship begins to bloom that will not only change Wendy's life forever, but could also save Rosenborg from being sold. But how long can Wendy hide her new friend Dixie from the adults?

Original Title Wendy der Film
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 91'
Production Year 2017
Nationality Germany
Directed by Dagmar Seume
Screenplay Carolin Hecht
Director of photography Gunnar Fuss
Editor Dora Vajda
Sound Achim Strommenger
Music Michael Beckmann
Main cast Jule Hermann (Wendy Thorsteeg)
Jasmin Gerat (Heike Thorsteeg)
Benjamin Sadler (Gunnar Thorsteeg)
Maren Kroymann (Herta Thorsteeg)
Nadeshda Brennicke (Ulrike Immhof)
Waldemar Kobus (Klaus Röttgers)
Produced by Jan Kromschoroeder, Eva Holtmann
Trailer AMypDzoqoJY

--- regista --- dagmar seumeDagmar Seume
She initially studied Sports Education and worked as a trainer for gymnastics. She debuted in cinema working as a director’s assistant for various film productions. Her short film REMEBER (2005) was screened at numerous international film festivals. Her other films include: VERDAMMT, ICH BIN ERWACHSEN (doc, 2010), the award-winning comedy series DANNI LOWINSKI (2011), her feature debut HANNI & NANNI 3 (2013), ALLEIN WAR GESTERN (tv, 2014) and WENDY - THE MOVIE (2017).

Director's statement
“Wendy had a traumatic experience a year ago, after an accident fall off her horse and though her love for horses wasn't damaged, her confidence and basic trust was! Dixie, who is rescued by Wendy from the catches of the butcher, recognizes Wendy ́s fear and tries to help her. This again turns out to be not an easy task, on the contrary, here is where an adventure begins... It was the script, that thrilled and interested me. It's about relationships in the family, about courage and how to overcome fears. Friendship and what it can cause, play a role. Altogether I was bound by the interplay between humans, animals and the nature! Cinema offers possibilities to exaggerate emotions with magical images. My intention was to stimulate values as well as the imagination of children. In the beginning the encounter between Wendy and Dixie is a secret while in the end it comes to an exciting resolution. I wanted to tell the extraordinary friendship between a horse, Dixie and Wendy in a funny and modern way. I wanted the children to laugh, sympathize, reflect, and straighten in the cinema, being curious of how the story ends. The film Wendy is intended to convey a feeling of freedom and possibilities”.

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