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Master Spy tells the story of Tim (10) who moves to an old hotel on the coast with his little sister and parents. Tim finds it hard to get used to his new home until he meets Simon. Simon just woke up from the year 1974 and has a hard time adjusting to all the changes. Also as an ex spy he needs to solve an old case. Their adventure starts when Tim decides to help Simon...

Original Title Meester Spion
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 74'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Netherlands
Directed by Pieter van Rijn
Screenplay Tijs van Marle
Editor Michiel Boesveldt
Production Design Dimitri Merkoulov
Costume Design Margriet Procee
Music Matthijs Kieboom
Main cast Beau Schneider (Simon Floret Meesterspion)
Stijn van der Plas (Tim de Wolf)
Nienke de la Rive Box (Karin MacKanton)
Aus Greidanus (Freek Dekker)
Lieneke le Roux (Alexandra Markies)
Simone van Bennekom (young Lexie)
Produced by Paul Voorthuysen
Trailer qaZajCJN9_0

--- regista --- pieter van rijnPieter van Rijn
Pieter begins his career in 2000 directing an episode of the dutch TV series DE AANKLACHT. He directed several tv series among which FLIKKEN MAASTRICHT. In 2004 he directed his first film, the family movie PLUK VAN DE PETTEFLET, followed by DE OVERLOPER (2012) and FAMILIEWEEKEND (2015).

Director's statement
“What I really enjoyed while shooting Master Spy is that it took me back to my own childhood in the 70's. My friends and I used to make up huge and exiting adventures. We utterly believed in these adventures. The fantasy and fun of creating your own world as a child is the base of this film. Anything is possible; you just have to imagine it!”

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