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Ernst is a 13 years old German boy who has beensent to a psychiatric hospital when he’s deemed unruly and insolent by Nazi officials. He unexpectedly finds friendship among the patients there, and for the first time in a long time, he feels like he belongs. However, he soon discovers that the hospital has a euthanasia program headed by Chief Dr. Veithausen. To help his newfound friends, Ernst hatches a plan to sabotage the hospital’s program and escape with his first love, Nandl. Ernst soon finds himself in great danger when the hospital administration starts to take notice of his actions…

Original Title NebelIm August
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Germany
Directed by Kai Wessel
Screenplay Holger Karsten Schmidt
Based on the book "Nebel in August"
by Robert Domes
Director of photography Hagen Bogdanski
Editor Tina Freitag
Production Design Christoph Kanter
Costume Design Esther Amuser
Music Martin Todsharow
Main cast Sebastian Koch (Dr. Veithausen)
Ivo Pietzcker (Ernst)
Franziska Singer (Frau Klein)
Jule Hermann (Nandl)
JulsSerger (Hermann Klein)
Produced by Ulrich Limmer

Kai WesselKaì Wessel
Born in 1961 he worked as assistant director, before directing his first film MARTHAJELLNEK. Aside from family films like THE SUMMER ALBUM and THE TRACE OF THE RED BARREFS, he attracted great attention with the Tv series A LIFE IN GERMANY, adaptation of the diaries of Victor Klemperer, a Jewish professor of literature . In 2004 he received a Grimme Award for the tv film LIFE WOULD BE NICE. In 2006, Kai Wessel directed the two-part production THE EXPULSION, a historical drama about an East Prussian landowner who flees from the advancing Soviet army. In 2009 he directed HIFDE, an adaptation of the autobiography of Hildegard Knef. In 2013, Kai Wessel was presented with yet another Grimme Award for the innovative real time format A TIME OF HEROES. With FOG IN AUGUST he won the Bavarian Film Award for Best Director in 2016, as well as the German Cinema Award for Peace-The Bridge.

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