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In a secluded indig
enous tribe, 3 kids who grew up in the mountains and the woods. They are all very optimistic, energetic and playful; yet, they are also troubled by their own family issues. Their handicapped teacher opened an after school session to help them with their schoolwork. For the children, it’s like a ray of love shone on them. The teacher has a beautiful voice, but never sings. One day, the 3 kids find a tape of their teacher’s recording and are amazed by her voice. They decide to bring this tape to Taipei.... What changes will this trip bring to all of their lives?

Original Title Lokah Laqi
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Taiwan
Directed by Laha Mebow
Screenplay Laha Mebow
Director of photography Ming Wang
Editor Kenji Chen
Music Baobu Badalu, C.J. Hight Tide
Main cast Esther Huang
Buya Watan
Watan Silan
Suyan Pito
Produced by Chu Ai-Lun

hitk directorLaha Mebow (Chen Chieh- Yao)
Graduated from Shih Hsin University, Department of Radio, TV and Film, Laha is the first female aboriginal film director in Taiwan. She has trainings in scriptwriting and directing and is also an experienced TV producer. She has been devoting herself to the field of film and TV for 18 years, including working on the team of the internationally renowned Taiwanese director, Ming-Liang Tsai. Laha’s work focuses on aboriginal documentary and drama. Due to her indigenous identity, she is specialized in indigenous theme.

Director's statement
"As an aboriginal director, I love to address the aborigines’ pressing issues with an easy and humorous, even teasing tone. This time, through the eyes and the minds of the kids from the tribe, we see their own stories, the hardships of growing up, and their hopes and dreams. In an isolated and secluded mountain tribe, three boys with different backgrounds face situations when growing up. In the process, though with some sense of helplessness, the aboriginal boys always stay optimistic. With an easy attitude, they try to break free from the difficulties in life. These children are sweet and naïve. You can’t help but feel for them".

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