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Three undocumented teenagers -- a Dominican girl, an African boy and a Peruvian girl -- are just about to graduate high school in the Bronx. Like most teenagers, all they want to do is hang out with their friends, fall in love, and figure out from where to go to college, but unlike their American classmates, these three live with the threat of being discovered by the authorities. When one of their teachers connects them with a lawyer to help them get their papers, the teens start to dig into their family histories to assist their immigration cases. As they continue to deal with everyday problems of adolescence, the teenagers are forced to confront their past and, at the same time, fight for their future.

Original Title From Nowhere
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 89'
Production Year 2016
Nationality USA
Directed by Matthew Newton
Screenplay Kate Ballen
Based on the play by Kate Ballen
Director of photography Jay Kietel
Editor Betsey Kagen
Production Design Madison Burgess
Costume Design Begona Berges
Sound Will Digby
Main cast Julianne Nicholson (Jackie)
J Mallory McCree (Moussa)
Octavia Chavez Richmond (Sophie)
Racquel Castro (Alyssa)
Chinasa Ogbuagu (Maryam)
Sydni Beaudoin (Sara)
Produced by Kate Ballen, Matthew Newton

Matthew NewtonMatthew Newton
Matthew Newton is a critically acclaimed, award-winning director, writer and actor. After graduating from the National Institute Of Dramatic Art in Sydney he worked extensively as an actor in his native Australia, playing lead roles in the theater, on television and in films. His roles on television include starring as kingpin Terry Clark in the drama series UNDERBELLY: A TALE OF TWO CITIES (which is the most successful Australian crime drama of all time) and playing Ka Jothee in the sci-fi TV series FARSCAPE. Matthew worked regularly in major roles for both the Sydney Theatre Company and the Melbourne Theatre Company, and played lead roles in over ten Australian films. Matthew’s debut feature film as writer/director, THREE BLIND MICE, in which he also starred, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. 

Director's statement
“The story deals with characters living through a problem facing people all over the United States. I wanted the film to feel like you were looking through a window at real teenagers, at a real school, dealing with their real family and friends. It was important to me that the audience see these kids and recognize their son, their daughter, their sister, their next door neighbor; I didn’t want them to see undocumented immigrants, I wanted them to see teenagers. This is specifically about undocumented characters who came to the US when they were very young; people who know this country much better than the one in which they happened to be born; people who consider themselves “American”. To these teenagers, the US is the only place they’ve ever known as home. The film catches them right at the crucial moment, between childhood and adulthood, when they are finding their voices and discovering what kind of people they are going to be”.