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Charlie Mills has just turned 18 and is running away from rehab again. He wants to come home but is met by a family intervention. His father, a former movie star, is running for Governor of California and would like to keep Charlie locked away until the campaign is over. Charlie reluctantly returns to a new adult facility where he meets a troubled young woman, Eva. Through his strained relationship with his father, his tortured relationship with Eva and the misguided envy he has for his best friend Adam, Charlie is forced to face himself and begin the journey to self-discovery.

Original Title Being Charlie
Category Official Competition
Section Generator +16
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 97'
Production Year 2016
Nationality USA
Directed by Rob Reiner
Screenplay Nick Reiner, Matt Elisofon
Director of photography Barry Markowits
Editor Bob Joyce
Production Design Christopher R. DeMuri
Costume Design Susan Doepner-Senac
Sound Joseph Adamic, Stephen Nelson
Music Chris Bacon
Main cast Nick Robinson (Charlie)
Common (Travis)
Cary Elwes (David)
Devon Bostick (Adam)
Morgan Saylor (Eva)
Susan Misner (Liseanne)
Produced by Johnson Chan, Simon Goldberg, Rob Reiner, Stephanie Rennie

Rob headshot colorRob Reiner
Rob Reiner first came to fame as an actor in the landmark television series All In the Family but went on to become the acclaimed director of some of the most popular and motion pictures of the past few decades. His work ranges from the pure comedy of This Is Spinal Tap and The Princess Bride to the intense drama of Stand By Me, MiseRY, A Few Good Men, Ghosts of Mississippi; from the romantic comedy of When Harry Met Sally,The American President. Reiner is currently in production on LBJ starring Woody Harrelson. Reiner is also a committed political activist. In 1998, he lead the campaign to pass Proposition 10, which has generated billions of dollars for early childhood development. He went on to chair the California Children & Families Commission (First Five) for seven years. Recently, he and his wife Michele helped form The American Foundation for Equal Rights to bring the landmark federal court challenge to California’s Proposition8, which successfully overturned the ban on marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Director's statement
“BEING CHARLIE is the story of how one young man learns how to take control of his life by making mistakes, taking chances, breaking rules, listening to his heart, and speaking his mind. This ultimately leads him to confront the long shadow of his famous actor-turned politician father and begin the journey of becoming himself. BEING CHARLIE is rooted in the lived experience of its director and co-writer, father and son, Rob and Nick Reiner. Like Charlie Mills, Nick grew up in the shadow of a famous father. Like any teenager, he wanted to feel like he could make productive decisions about his life on his own. While the famous name often got in the way, he was fortunate to have a family that cared about him enough to insist that he keep working on himself. BEING CHARLIE is not about addiction – it’s about somebody who struggles with his identity as he is caught between a self-involved father and an enabling mother. BEING CHARLIE turned out to be more than just a creative endeavor for a father and son. It was an experience that helped us make sense of past mistakes and forge a better relationship”.

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