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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2016 - 15.24 July

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Ancient legends warn children about the Abulele, enormous, furry and sometimes dangerous monsters who are able to hide among the human race by making themselves invisible except to special children who are in need of a friend. Adam, a young boy grieving from the loss of his brother, discovers an Abulele living in his building.  But when Adam realizes that it is not the Abulele but the humans who are the real monsters, he risks everything to save his friendly giant.

Original Title Abulele
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 96'
Production Year 2016
Nationality Israel
Directed by Jonathan Geva
Screenplay Jonathan Geva
Director of photography Giora Bejach
Editor Omer Zaitman
Animator Itamar Barak
Production Design Udi Tugendreich
Music Frank Ilfman
Main cast Yoav Sadian Rosenberg
Bar Miniely
Idan Barkai
Makram Khoury
Yehuda Mor
Oded Leopold
Produced by Yoni Paran, Eitan Mansuri

Regista AbuleleJonathan Geva
Jonathan Geva is a Film director, screenwriter and visual effects artist. Born in Jerusalem in 1980, his body of work includes numerous commercials for leading international brands as well as interactive video projects and interactive storytelling development as part of one of Israel’s high profile tech companies - Interlude. Jonathan studied BFA (Hons) Film and Television at Tel-Aviv University. His thesis film, ONE:NIL, premiered at the Palm-Springs International Film Festival and went on to participate in many film festivals, winning several awards for best short film. ABULELE is his debut feature film.

Director’s statement
“We all had monsters living under our beds when we were kids. In Israel we call them Abulele. The Abulele are ancient monsters who live all around the middle-east, all the grownups say they’re dangerous, and so Israeli and Arab children alike are scared of them. For me, Abulele is a movie about overcoming fear. It’s a story about a very special friendship that can only happen when you have the guts to befriend the one thing you’re supposed to fear the most. I truly believe it’s a story that’ll resonate with children worldwide: don’t succumb to the old beliefs of your parents, stay open-minded and you might just find your best friend. Monster movies and fantasy movies have always been the one place where filmmakers and moviegoers alike face their deepest darkest fears, for me, growing up in Jerusalem, a city divided by fear of what’s different then you, Abulele is a story that has to be told”.