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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2015 - 17.26 July

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Life in Albania, in the 80’s, has turned into a real hell. Enver Hoxha’s paranoia reaches its peak as he gets rid of his closest “friends” one after the other. One of them is Mentor, Head of the Secret Service. Sensing the danger Mentor locks himself night after night in a secret room of his house and starts recording the events he was involved in from the beginning of the communist regime. He manages to give his son Martin the audio tapes, before getting arrested. The family gets deported to a small town, where they have to work in the mines like all the other families of the “fallen”. When the Secret Service gets a hint that Mentor recorded the tapes, Martin manages to escape and to get to Italy. After his encounter with a famous Italian investigative journalist, and the news that the father back home was executed, Martin needs to decide on going public and revealing the contents of the tapes in a TV interview.

Original Title THE LAST WISH
Category Out of competition
Section Made in Albania
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 92'
Production Year 2014
Nationality Albania
Directed by Namik Ajazi
Screenplay Ruzhdi Pulaha
Director of photography Sebastiano (Nino) Celeste
Editor Adriano Patruno
Production Design Shpëtim Baca
Costume Design Emir Turkeshi
Sound Ugo Celani
Music Gerti Druda
Main cast Amos Zaharia
Eva Alikaj
Myzafer Zifla
Adele Gjoka
Shyqyri Caushaj

reg-thelastwish-OKNamik Ajazi
Namik was born in Tirana, in 1960. He has directed more than 15 documentaries, among which: 1996 RUNNING AWAY, 1997 CHRONIC OF ESCAPING THE WAR, 1999 A FILM IS MISSING, 2000 LIFE SOLD OUT ON THE SIDEWALK, 2002 DIGNIFIED TO BE ALBANIANS, 2002 PETRO MARKO, A STONE IN HIS PLACE, 2003 THE GREAT ALEKSANDËR OF ALBANIANS, 2009 LIGHT IN THE ABYSS (FICTION DOC). THE LAST WISH is his debut feature.


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