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1900. The headmistress of an orphanage puts the orphans to work in a factory. Cheeky and courageous Wim has had enough of all the hard work: he wants to go to school. He escapes the orphanage, meets a little monkey and befriends Jet. Jet’s mother is a school teacher. While Wim and the monkey hide on Jet’s farm, Jet’s classmates help bring Wim to their school. Jet’s friend Gijs teaches Wim all about farming. But strange things happen in the village: valuables disappear, and the intruder Wim is blamed for it and sent straight back to the orphanage. By sheer luck, Wim ends up with a foster family in a luxurious villa. But not even all the riches in the world would lead him to forget his friends Jet, Gijs and his desire to go school to learn the ABC.

Original Title APENSTREKEN
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +6
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2015
Nationality Netherlands
Directed by Johan Nijenhuis
Screenplay Lars Boom, Maarten Lebens
Director of photography Maarten van Keller
Editor Bas Icke, Jasper Quispel
Production Design Eric Bernhard
Costume Design Marrit van der Burgt
Sound Guilhem Donzel
Music Ronald Schilperoort
Main cast Tygo Bussemakers (Wim)
Mees Smits (Jet)
Lars Henckens (Gijs)
Kim-Lian van der Meij (Brechtje)
Mike Weerts (Corneel)
Loek Peters (Tibor)
Produced by Klaas de Jong, Johan Nijenhuis

Johan Nijenhuis regOKJohan Nijenhuis
Born 1968, Markelo (the Netherlands). He studied at the Amsterdam Film Academy. Then he produced, wrote and directed several TV series. In 2001 he made his first feature film as a director, COSTA!, followed by: FULL MOON PARTY (VOLLE MAAN, 2002); the ZOO RANGERS trilogy, consisting of ZOO RANGERS IN AFRICA (ZOOP IN AFRIKA, 2005), ZOO RANGERS IN INDIA (ZOOP IN INDIA, 2006) and ZOO RANGERS IN SOUTH AMERICA (ZOOP IN ZUID-AMERIKA, 2007); ALIBI (2008); FUCHSIA THE MINI WITCH (FOEKSIA DE MINIHEKS, 2010), Best Film in the Elements +6 section at the GEX 2011; BENNIE BRAT (BENNIE STOUT, 2011); LOVING IBIZA (VERLIEFD OP IBIZA, 2013); A TUSCAN WEDDING (TOSCAANSE BRUILOFT, 2014).

Director’s statement
“When the prohibition of child labour came into effect, not much changed. It was only when a law was passed for the compulsory schooling of children, that child slavery ended. In the Netherlands, this happened in the year 1900, but in various other countries children still spend their days in dark factories.
“In the film MONKEY BUSINESS FROM A TO Z, orphan Wim is able to improve his fate. But it requires the entire community’s effort. He is helped by farmers, schoolmasters, legislators and classmates. They teach him how to read and play outside. MONKEY BUSINESS FROM A TO Z shows the resilience of a child in difficult circumstances, a courageous child who never gives up.
“In the film, I tried to consistently use Wim’s point-of-view, so that we see the world of the past through his eyes. Filming in 3D with children and monkeys on a film set was a challenge. The 9-year-old leading actor, Tygo Bussemakers, took on this challenge with me. After he had met the monkey Frits and these two learned to get along well, the filming could start.
“The children speak the dialect of the South of the Netherlands in the film. This gives the film an authentic feel and it reminds me of the past because my own parents used to speak that dialect”.

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