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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2015 - 17.26 July

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Amir is eight years old. He has lost his father and lives with his mother in a hill far from their village. They have a small coal mine and are struggling to be completely independent. But, the owner of a big mine in that area is trying to take control of the whole mountain. Amir’s mother dies in the mine and the village’s council decides to bring Amir, who is living in the mountain all by himself now, back to the village. But he resists strongly against their decision since he wants to realize his mother’s intentions and wishes.

Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 82'
Production Year 2015
Nationality Iran
Directed by Ali Ghavitan
Screenplay Ali Ghavitan
Director of photography Shahab Norouzian
Editor Mehdi Hosseinivand
Sound Ahmad Salehi, Mohammad Kashfi
Music Saba Samimi
Main cast Forough Amjadi
Reza Kasirianfar
Hossein Mohammadian
Ali Ghavitan
Produced by Ali Ghavitan

mymother reg OKAli Ghavitan
Born 1964, Dargaz (Iran). He is a graduate in Law. He directed ten plays in theatre and several short films. In 1991 he made his first feature film as a director, MY LOVE, MY CITY (ESHGH-E MAN, SHAHR-E MAN), followed by STORM BUMP (ZARBE-YE TOOFAN, 1993), CONSPIRACY (TOTE’E, 1995), LONELY (TANHA, 1997), EFFIGIES (ADAMAKHA, 2001), BIRTHDAY SONG (SOROOD-E TAVALLOD, 2004), VERY HOT NESCAFE (NESCAFE DAGHE DAGH, 2005), SPRING WINDS (2010), DRAGONFLIES OF THE GREEN POND (SANJAGHAK HAYE BERKEYE SABZ, 2011), FLIGHT OF THE KITES (PARVAZ-E BADBADAK’HA, 2012), SUNLIGHT, MOONLIGHT, EARTH (AFTAB, MAHTAB, ZAMIN, 2013), THE RETURN (BAZGASHT, 2014).

Director’s statement
“I ran away from the city’s chaos, and got in touch with the people who were out of sight, away from the corruption. I saw they were green in the middle of a red field. They were looking for life in the ground. Then, I became aware and I was embraced by sadness, I wept for myself. MY MOTHER’S BLUE SKY is my moment of awareness”.


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