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In search of a new perspective, a family of five leave the comforts of home to live remotely in the Yukon wilderness during the long northern winter and amidst the surprises that the rawness of nature provide. The parents leave their jobs and take their three children, ages 10, 8 and 4, to spend nine months living in a small cabin with no road access, no electricity, no running water, and no internet, no TV, no phone and, most importantly, no clocks or watches. Filmed over nine months, off the grid, without external crew, and featuring the unique perspectives of children, ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD explores the theme of disconnecting from our hectic and technology laden lives in order to reconnect with each other, ourselves and our natural environment – parents connecting with children, children connecting with nature.

Category Official Competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 89'
Production Year 2014
Nationality Canada
Directed by Suzanne Crocker
Screenplay Suzanne Crocker
Director of photography Suzanne Crocker
Editor Michael Parfit
Music Alex Houghton, Anne Louise Genest
Main cast Suzanne Crocker
Gerard Parsons
Produced by Suzanne Crocker

All The Time In The World Suzanne Crocker OK

Suzanne Crocker
Suzanne Crocker, a Canadian filmmaker from the Yukon, switched careers from rural family physician to filmmaker in 2009. In 2010 she directed the animated short film TIME LINES. ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD is her first documentary feature film as a director.

Director’s statement
“ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD is very personal documentary the follows my own family’s journey as we searched for a new perspective by shrinking life to the basic needs of warmth, shelter, food and water and spent nine months living life dictated by the seasons rather than the clock.

“The insights of my three children, aged 10, 8 and 4 provide a strong voice throughout the film.

“There was no external crew. The entire documentary was shot with only one camera. (My 8 year old daughter provided assistant camera). My family quickly learned to ignore the camera, thus allowing me to present an intimate look into the natural unfolding of our life in the bush.

“We spent the nine months shooting and living completely off grid – no electricity, no running water, no Internet. This posed some unique challenges re battery charging as well as shooting in the low light of a winter in the Canadian North and shooting in extreme cold (coldest day was -51C).

“One of the greatest challenges, however, was the fine line I walked as director and director of photography of my own story. Especially since the reason for the adventure was to learn how to be present in the moment and reconnect as a family to each other and our natural environment. It was important to remain true to this purpose and not simply switch the distractions we had gone to great efforts to extricate ourselves from for the distraction of creating a documentary.

“This is not a survival in the wilderness documentary nor is it a documentary about living off the land. ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD is about opening possibilities in the fabric of our lives; where, although we know we don’t have all the time in the world, we have choices about how we think about the time we do have and how we choose to spend it”.

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