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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2015 - 17.26 July

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From Neorealism to the present, several child actors have filled Italian cinema, starring in movies such as THE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US (1944), SHOESHINE (1946), THE EARTH WILL TREMBLE (1948), TWO WOMEN (1960), THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO (1972), CINEMA PARADISO (1988), LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (1997). Some continued their careers in the movie business, while others quickly burned out after a big success. We meet them again years later to talk about that experience. We learn what happened and attempt to understand their thoughts today: missed expectations, disappointments, regrets, or serenity, joy and satisfaction. We will reflect on how, in different historical periods, such a powerful experience could affect the course of a lifetime.

Category Official Competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 62'
Production Year 2014
Nationality Italy
Directed by Mimmo Verdesca
Script Mimmo Verdesca
Director of photography Federico Annicchiarico, Daniele Gangemi
Editor Mimmo Verdesca
Sound Fabio Ferri
Music Germano Mazzocchetti
Main cast Andrea Balestri
Eleonora Brown
Giorgio Cantarini
Totò Cascio
Luciano De Ambrosis
Agnese Giammona
Nella Giammona
Rinaldo Smordoni
Produced by Mimmo Verdesca

mimmo-verdesca regOKMimmo Verdesca
Born 1979, Apulia (Italy). In 2002 he began working for film and television as an assistant for directors such as Maurizio Ponzi, Naydat Anzour, Fabio Grossi. In 2009 he shot the documentary THE EYE BEHIND THE CURTAIN, the making of the theatre show THE MAN, THE BEAST AND THE VIRTUE, written by Luigi Pirandello, and then he made the TV versions of the theatre shows Pirandello’s THE PLEASURES OF HONESTY and Giuseppe Patroni Griffi’s BEFORE THE SILENCE. In 2011 he directed the documentary LILIA SILVI, AS AN ARTIST, which won the Silver Ribbon 2012 for best documentary on the cinema.

Director’s statement
“In the documentary FOREVER STARS, I collected new testimonies from the most famous and symbolic child actors of the Italian cinema, from Neorealism to the present, the little stars of several feature film such as THE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING US, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, THE EARTH WILL TREMBLE, TWO WOMEN, CINEMA PARADISO, SHOESHINE, THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO.

“If it is true that childhood is a crucial phase in the growing up, I wanted to tell what happened ‘after’ the participation of the actors in the feature films: not the period of the set, but its result, the way that special experience matured in their lives, affecting the course of lifetime, for better or for worse. Through the stories and the thoughts of these former child actors, I tried to bring out the emotions of yesterday and the awareness of today.

“Digging in their past, I wanted also to go into the outlook and the collective memory of a whole country that saw them ‘live’ in the fiction of cinema, providing a new proposal of knowledge, analysis and meditation”.

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