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Hyeon-sook is a single mother raising two teenage daughters while working at a grocery store. One day, her youngest child, 14-year-old Cheon-ji, suddenly commits suicide without even leaving a note. This comes as a shock to Hyeon-sook and her older daughter Man-ji since Cheon-ji was a sweet child, who rarely complained and studied hard, while always trying to comfort her hardworking mother. Struggling to understand why Cheon-ji chose to kill herself, the two women wonder whether there was something they didn’t know about Cheon-ji’s life. As Hyeon-sook and Man-ji unravel Cheon-ji’s quiet life, they come to realize that she had been the victim of brutal bullying at her middle school, led by Hwa-yeon, a troubled, manipulative teenager.

Category Official Competition
Section Generator +13
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 117'
Production Year 2014
Nationality South Korea
Directed by Lee Han
Screenplay Lee Sook-yeon
Based on the book “Elegant Lies”
by Kim Ryeo-ryeong
Director of photography Lee Seung-hyub
Editor Nam Na-young
Production Design Kang So-young
Costume Design Yu Ji-yeon
Sound Kim Chang-sub
Music Lee Jae-jin
Main cast Kim Hee-ae (Hyeon-sook)
Ko Asung (Man-ji)
Kim You-jung (Hwa-yeon)
Kim Hyang-gi (Cheon-ji)
Yoo Ah-in (Chu Sang-bak)
Sung Dong-il (Man-ho)
Produced by Kim Jae-joong, Noh Bong-jo, Kim Dong-woo

Thread of Lies Directors photo 2 OKLee Han
Born 1970, South Korea. He studied film at Hanyang University. In 2002 he wrote and directed his first feature film, LOVER’S CONCERTO (YEONAE SOSEOL). After writing the screenplay for Lee Dong-Hyeon’s feature GARDEN OF HEAVEN (HANEUL JEONGWON, 2003), Lee Han shot the feature films ALMOST LOVE (CHEONGCHUN MANHWA, 2006), MY LOVE (NAE SARANG, 2007), and PUNCH (WON-DEUK YI, 2011), which is based on a novel by Kim Ryeo-ryeong, was screened in the Generation 14Plus section at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival and drew over 5 million viewers.

Director’s statement
“When I read this novel for the first time, I started to think about those people who I haven’t been paying much attention to. I hope that this film motivates people to think about those who surround them. After watching the film, I want people remember to say a kind word to their friends and family every once in a while”.

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