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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2014 - 18.27 July

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A battery hen named Lotte vainly struggles to fulfill her daily duty and just doesn’t accomplish what’s required. One day Lotte decides to change her life.

Original Title SUNSHINE EGG, THE
Category Official Competition
Section Masterclass Short Films
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 5’
Production Year 2014
Nationality Germany
Directed by Michael Haas
Animation Michael Haas
Sound Stefan Wühr
Music Simon Scharf
Produced by Michael Haas

Michael HaasMichael Haas

Graduated from the High School on 2002, he made an Apprenticeship as digital Media Designer in 2003 and an internship at 3D department of Spans & Partner company in 2009. Then he worked as a freelance cameraman and animator and, in 2011, he directed the short film DURCHGEBRANNT. In 2012 he studied Media design at Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences where he produced SUNSHINE EGGS that was screened in several international festival.


Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences

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Michael Haas

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