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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2014 - 18.27 July

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Category: Edition 2014


It is the story of confrontation between society and a man in a hat, who keeps wearing  it no matter what.

Category Official Competition
Section Masterclass Short Films
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 3’55’’
Production Year 2014
Nationality Russia
Directed by Asya Strelbitskaya
Screenplay Asya Strelbitskaya
Editor Asya Strelbitskaya
Animation Asya Strelbitskaya
Sound Mark Miller
Music Katya Miller
Produced by Lyubov Gaidukova

Asya strelbitskaya hat theoryAsya Strelbitskaya

Born in 1988 in the Malaya Viska town. In 2004 she graduated at the Moscow Art School №8 and then she  studied at the Moscow Pedagogical University , graphic arts department. In 2013 she graduated from the School-Studio “SHAR” (animation film director department). The Studio produced her first short HAT THEORY in 2014.


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School - Studio of the Animation Cinema “SHAR”
Dolgorukovskaya str 25, Moscow 127006, Russia
Phone +7 499 978 47 78

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