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On the trail of the Phoenician hero Cadmus, whom the myth attributes the introduction of the alphabet in Greece, Nicola, in his thirties and uncertain about the future, and his ten-years-old brother Elia, embark on a journey to Italy in search of a new language, in order to give names to things and a meaning to words. In their travel, they record faces and places, painful realities and historical memories. The road becomes a path of training and a set of imaginary exploration. On the border between documentary and fiction, the film tells the hopes of the Country that will be.

Original Title SARÀ UN PAESE
Italian Title SARÀ UN PAESE
Category Out of competition
Section GEx Doc
Tipology Documentary, Feature Film
Duration 72'
Production Year 2013
Nationality Italy
Directed by Nicola Campiotti
Screenplay Nicola Campiotti
Director of photography Leone Orfeo
Editor Enrica Gatto
Sound Simone Costantino
Music Stefano Lentini
Main cast Elia Saman
Raffaele Guarna Assanti
Matilde Gardini
Graziella Marota
Anok Deb
Greta Fink
Produced by Sergio Scapagnini

Nicola-CampiottiNicola Campiotti

Born 1982, Rome (Italy). He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Siena. Between 2002 and 2003, he made two short films, PAROLE DI ERCOLANO and L’ERA DELL’OTTIMISMO. Then he worked on the sets of the feature films DON’T COME KNOCKING (2004), by Wim Wenders, and QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008), by Marc Forster. In 2007 he travelled through India participating in the production of the documentary THE FOOTBALL HUNTERS, by Paolo Tamburella. In the same year, he co-directed, along with Ignazio Oliva, the documentary IL SOLE DEL MTHUNZI. In 2009 he shot the documentary short film 399 B.C., which was screened at the 2009 Turin Film Festival.


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