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In the 1970s, in Lapland, little Pete is just about to start school, and fear is lurking in the corners of his mind. Pete’s mother, Eeva, tries her best to protect her children from Pete’s stepfather’s violent, alcoholic tendencies, but she is ashamed to acknowledge her failure in her relationship. To break the relationship would be considered shameful, in the small village the family lives in. Especially as she has already divorced once. She doesn’t want to lose her face, not a second time, not even if the well-being of her children is at jeopardy. Pete’s real father wants to be a part of his life, but the stepfather makes that hard. The grandparents play a big part in the family: their wisdom keeps the children further from evil thoughts. The support from the family will give Pete courage to push on, to look at things with his own eyes.

Category Official Competition
Section Generator +18
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 107'
Production Year 2013
Nationality Finland
Directed by Peter Franzén
Screenplay Peter Franzén
Based on the book " "
by Peter Franzén
Director of photography Pini Hellstedt
Editor Kimmo Taavila
Production Design Pirjo Rossi
Costume Design Tiina Kaukanen
Sound Joonas Jyrälä
Music Janne Lappalainen, Irina Björklund
Main cast Olavi Angervo (Pete)
Samuli Edelmann (padre/father)
Matleena Kuusniemi (madre/mother)
Ismo Kallio (nonno/grandfather)
Marja Packalén (nonna/grandmother)
Mari Perankoski (Taina)
Produced by Jukka Helle, Markus Selin

Peter FranzénPeter Franzén

Born 1971 in Keminmaa (Lapland). He is one of the most renowned Finnish actors. In 1995 he completed his studies at the Theatre Academy of Helsinki. As an actor he has appeared in more than 50 Finnish and international films and TV productions. His American credits include the TV series CSI: MIAMI and TRUE BLOOD. ABOVE DARK WATERS is his first feature film as a director, and is based on his same titled autobiographical debut novel, which was published in 2010. This feature film is totally his own project: he wrote the novel and the screenplay, directed the movie and played a role in it. His second novel, WITH THE SAME EYES (SAMOILLA SILMILLÄ), continues the story and was published in 2013.





Director’s statement

“I am sincerely grateful to all those people who have worked for this movie. The subject is so close to myself that it was wonderful to get all these co-workers, familiar from a long way back, to build this world. And what a fine world they managed to create”.
“The gifted, sympathetic child actors made us all think every day why this story is being filmed. What it’s like to be a child. The grown-up actors sparked life to all the characters of my memories; I love them all, even those I can never forgive”.
“The purpose of the movie is to console, to point out and be an example how a child on the edge of adulthood can perceive his life ahead. How the love of your closest can effect your problems and turning points in a positive way. In the simplest way: how important it is to have someone present”.
“Homo homini lupus est – man is a wolf to his fellow man. But man can also be fire, love. A safe haven”.



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