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Mickey Miller is a 12-year-old girl from New York whose great love is horses. She has little enthusiasm for her mother’s plan to take Mickey and her little brother to start a new life in a run-down mill she has inherited in Longwood, an Irish village at the end of the world. Mickey’s presence in Longwood coincides with the return of the Black Knight, a legendary ruler who found no peace after his baby daughter was taken from him, and whose appearances always mean that something evil is going to happen to the villagers. Mickey hears and sees things that others can’t, and forms an immediate bond with Silver, a proud and untamable horse. Realizing that she is linked to the story of the Black Knight, Mickey sets out to redeem the Knight so as to bring peace to Longwood, but first she must save the lives of seven horses and thwart the evil plans of a greedy, ambitious woman.

Category Official Competition
Section Elements +10
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 95'
Production Year 2014
Nationality Germany, Ireland, Netherlands
Directed by Lisa Mulcahy
Screenplay Nadadja Kemper ,Lisa Mulcahy, Gwen Eckhaus
Script Nadadja Kemper
Director of photography Richard van Oosterhout
Editor Grainne Gavigan
Production Design Boris Bartholomäus
Costume Design Susan Scott
Music Patrick Neil Doyle
Main cast Lucy Morton (Mickey)
Thekla Reuten (Lisa Merill)
Miriam Margolyes (Lady Thyrza)
Sean Mahon (Marc Dumonceau)
Fiona Glascott (Caitlin Lemon)
Lorcan Cranitch (Lance Wicklow)
Produced by Rob Vermeulen, Nadadja Kemper, Nico Geusebroek, Paul Myler, Michael Garland

Lisa MulcahyLisa Mulcahy

Lisa Mulcahy began her career as an assistant film editor in Dublin and London. She then worked as an assistant director on many films and television dramas. Later she directed the short films THE VERY STUFF (1997), HALF FULL, HALF EMPTY (1999), DAY ONE (2001), COMING HOME (2011), some episodes of the TV series THE CLINIC and ON HOME GROUND, documentaries and commercials. In 2008 she made her directorial debut feature film, SITUATIONS VACANT. In 2010 she shot the TV movie GIFT OF THE MAGI.










Director’s statement

“I had a very strong personal connection with this story from the moment I read it. This, for me, is vital with any project I am involved in. The script, although a magical story, is full of real characters with credible motives. This too is vital; maybe this comes from my experiences as a documentary film maker but if I cannot believe a character and their actions whether they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ then I cannot expect anyone else to. I had never made a children’s film before but here I had a great scenario with a lot of heart, where there was huge opportunity for drama as well as comedy. I love comedy – who doesn’t want to laugh? And I felt I knew my audience; my nine year old daughter was there all the way and the story conjured up so many emotions I had felt when watching many great films when I was a child; films full of emotion and passion; a desire for good to conquer evil, big characters with bigger dreams and the idea that no matter what, we should never, ever, give up”.



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