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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2012 - 14.24 July

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A bullying fox disturbs the quiet family life of Mammy Crow and her chicks with incessant demands to be fed. Worn out by the constant search for food, Mammy Crow, along with her chicks and an understanding badger, makes plans to get rid of Mr. Fox and his tyranny.


Una volpe bulla disturba la pacifica vita familiare di Mamma Corvo e dei suoi pulcini con le sue incessanti richieste di cibo. Distrutta dalla costante ricerca di cibo, Mamma Corvo, insieme con i pulcini e un tasso comprensivo, escogita un piano per liberarsi del Signor Volpe e della sua tirannia.


Original Title Naneh Kalagheh va Roubaheh
Category Official Competition
Section Elements +3
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 10’ 7’’
Production Year 2012
Nationality Iran
Directed by Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Screenplay Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Editor Mohammad Nasseri
Animation Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Sound Changuiz Sayyad
Music Khashayar Bostan-Shirin
Graphic Design Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh


Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
Born in 1955 in Natanz, Iran. He studied painting at the Tehran University and started its cooperation with Kanoon realizing THE RAVEN WHO WANTED TO BE THE STRONGEST in 1999. Among his works: THE GENERAL AND THE KITE (2004), THE WOLF AND THE EWE (GORG-O MISH, 2010) MAMMY CROW AND THE FOX (2011).


Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh
È nato nel 1955 a Natanz, Iran. Ha studiato pittura all’Università di Tehran e ha cominciato la sua cooperazione con la Kanoon realizzando THE RAVEN WHO WANTED TO BE THE STRONGEST nel 1999. Tra i suoi lavori: THE GENERAL AND THE KITE (2004), THE WOLF AND THE EWE (GORG-O MISH, 2010) MAMMY CROW AND THE FOX (2011).


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