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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2012 - 14.24 July

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At an undefined time in the future all individuality has been eradicated. Everyone fits a prescribed standard, in terms of appearance as well as behavior. At a border crossing John Doe is checked by the border patrol. Is he really the person he says to be, or is he hiding something?


In un tempo indefinito nel futuro ogni individualità è stata sradicata. Ognuno si adatta ad uno standard prescritto, in termini di aspetto e comportamento. Ad una frontiera John Doe viene controllato dalla pattuglia di confine. È davvero la persona che dice di essere, o nasconde qualcosa?


Original Title Der Fall Max Mustermann
Category Out of competition
Section Amnesty in Shorts
Tipology Short Film
Duration 9' 59''
Production Year 2011
Nationality Germany
Directed by Achim Wendel
Screenplay André Köhl, Achim Wendel
Director of photography Marcus Stotz
Sound Lars Heineken, Dennis Kopacz
Music Jan Glembotzki
Main cast Ygal Gleim
Olaf Krätke
Klaus Bräuer
Frank Hilsamer
Produced by Benjamin Huber


Director Achim WendelAchim Wendel
Born in 1976. His first cinema work was the anti drug film GEKAUFTES GLÜCK - BOUGHT LUCK. In 2001 he started studying at the "University of Media" in Stuttgart, where he graduated in 2006. He went on to work as an intern for example at the State Opera House of Stuttgart and also for the legendary German television series TATORT, produced by SWR. At the same he directed several short films such as PIZZA AMORE. Since 2007, Achim Wendel has been working as a freelance director and cameraman in the field of motion pictures but also in areas such as industry and advertising. His latest short films LONDON LIEGT AM NORDPOL - LONDON IS AT THE NORTH POLE, the story of a mentally handicapped boy, and DER FALL MAX MUSTERMANN were screened in many international film festivals.



Achim Wendel
È nato nel 1976. Il suo primo lavoro cinematografico è stato il film contro la droga GEKAUFTES GLÜCK - BOUGHT LUCK. Nel 2001 ha iniziato a studiare presso l’Università dei Media di Stoccarda, dove si laurea nel 2006. In seguito lavora come stagista alla Opera di Stato di Stoccarda e per la leggendaria serie televisiva tedesca TATORT, prodotta da SWR. Allo stesso tempo dirige diversi cortometraggi tra cui PIZZA AMORE. Dal 2007, Achim Wendel ha lavorato come regista e cameraman freelance nel campo del cinema, ma anche in aree come l'industria e la pubblicità. I suoi cortometraggi più recenti LONDON LIEGT AM NORDPOL - LONDON IS AT THE NORTH POLE, la storia di un ragazzo disabile, e DER FALL MAX MUSTERMANN sono stati proiettati in numerosi festival internazionali.


prodotto da/produced by
Benjamin Huber
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