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For 12 years she ignored sneers and mockery and stood up for her relationship. But that was probably a mistake…



Per 12 anni, lei ha ignorato risatine e sberleffi per tenere in vita la loro relazione. Ma forse è stato un errore…


Original Title 12 JAHRE
Category Out of competition
Section Shorts of Love
Tipology Animation, Short Film
Duration 4'
Production Year 2008
Nationality Germany
Directed by Daniel Nocke
Screenplay Daniel Nocke
Script Daniel Nocke
Editor Martin Schmidt, Emanuel Strixner, Julian Vavrovsky
Animation Martin Schmidt, Emanuel Strixner, Julian Vavrovsky
Sound Klangerfinder
Music Klangerfinder
Original Voices Daniel Nocke
Nina Weniger
Produced by Thomas Meyer-Hermann

12 years regDaniel Nocke
Born in 1968 in Hamburg. He studied at the Filmakademie Daden- Württemberg (1994-1999) and is a screenwriter for film and television, and director of animated shorts. His films have been shown at several international festival. Among his shorts: KEIN PLATZ FÜR GEROLD (2006); DER MODERNE ZYKLOP (2002); DIE TRÖSTERKRISE (1999).


Daniel Nocke
È nato nel 1968 a Amburgo. Dal 1994 al 1999 ha studiato alla Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. È sceneggiatore per cinema e televisione, e regista di cortometraggi animati. I suoi film sono stati proposti in diversi festival internazionali. Tra i suoi cortometraggi: KEIN PLATZ FÜR GEROLD (2006), ZYKLOP DER MODERNE (2002), DIE TRÖSTERKRISE (1999).


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