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GIFFONI EXPERIENCE 2010 - 18.31 July

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A boy and his father make a trip after a lot of time without seeing each other.



Dopo tanto tempo trascorso senza vedersi, un ragazzo e suo padre compiono un viaggio insieme.


Category Official Competition
Section Troubled Gaze
Tipology Short Film
Duration 19'
Production Year 2009
Nationality Mexico
Directed by Christian Díaz Pardo
Screenplay Christian Díaz Pardo
Script Christian Díaz Pardo
Director of photography Laura Manghesi
Editor Christian Díaz Pardo
Sound José Miguel Enriquez, Marisa Serrano
Music El Columpio Asesino, Pascual Reyes, Christian Díaz Pardo
Main cast Miguel Cabrera
Enrique Arreola
Catmiel Lechuga
Claudia Goytía
Produced by Giovanna Zacarías

before desert regChristian Díaz Pardo
Born 1976, Chile. He trained as a photographer in Santiago in the School of Arts and Communications ARCOS. He studied Script and Production Design in Mexico at the University Center of Cinematographic Studies (CUEC) and later enrolled in the Film Direction program at the Center of Cinematographic Training (CCC). He attended magisterial classes with Albert Maysles, Todd Solondz, Vittorio Storaro and Theo Angelopoulos.


Christian Díaz Pardo
Nato nel 1976 in Cile. Ha studiato Fotografia alla Scuola di Arti e Comunicazione ARCOS di Santiago, Sceneggiatura e Scenografia al Centro Universitario di Studi Cinematografici CUEC in Messico, e Regia al Center of Cinematographic Training (CCC). Ha frequentato inoltre seminari di Albert Maysles, Todd Solondz, Vittorio Storaro e Theo Angelopoulos.


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