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Borgo (Emilia Romagna) between 1930 and 1935. Titta is and adolescent who is searching for his identity. Around him his unique family and the typical life of the Italian province home-church-fascist and folk celebrations dedicated. Titta’s father, Aurelio, is a master builder always fighting with his wife; uncle Patacca vegetates on the family shoulders; uncle Teo is in a lunatic asylum; Grandfather annoys the housemaid. Beyond the home walls a gallery of singular and unforgettable characters who tell us about “a past, different time”.
AMARCORD wins Oscar as best foreign film in 1973. The critic Gian Luigi Rondi writes: «Amarcord or “A m'arcord” means “I remember” in the language of the Romagna region. This is the key of the Fellini poetry, his signature. In all his best films he is always searching for “the lost time” and he finds it in memories, the most lively source of his inspiration. Fellini is the only Italian poet capable of transposing the marvellous Proust’s device from literature to cinema».

Original Title AMARCORD
Italian Title AMARCORD
Category Out of competition
Section 8 1/2
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 123'
Production Year 1973
Nationality France, Italy
Directed by Federico Fellini
Screenplay Federico Fellini, Tonino Guerra
Script Federico Fellini, Tonino Guerra
Director of photography Giuseppe Rotunno
Editor Ruggero Mastroianni
Production Design Danilo Donati
Costume Design Danilo Donati
Sound Oscar De Arcangelis
Music Nino Rota
Main cast Bruno Zanin (Titta)
Pupella Maggio (Miranda)
Armando Brancia (Aurelio)
Magali Noël (“Gradisca”)
Ciccio Ingrassia (lo zio Teo/uncle Teo)
Nando Orfei (“Patacca”)
Produced by Franco Cristaldi

F.C. Produzioni


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