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Leo, a vegetarian lion, is an outcast. One day he meets Avoria, the queen of a herd of elephants as she gives birth to two twins with intertwined tails. Avoria is the widow of elephant Ele, who has been mysteriously murdered. She’s being courted by Zanco, a white elephant who wants to marry her to become king. A series of misadventures separate Avoria and twins. Leo, forced into the role of father, must cross the savannah in search of the mythical Milk Lake in order to feed the cubs. The group is joined by Cobo, a lively old antelope, Little Gnu, Little Zebra, Little Monkey and Little Leopard. Whether the magic spot actually exists is not certain, and Leo needs to seek the counsel of Camea, the great actress of the jungle stage. Finally Leo must challenge Zanco.

Original Title LA STORIA DI LEO
Italian Title LA STORIA DI LEO
Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 75'
Production Year 2008
Nationality Italy
Directed by Mario Cambi
Screenplay Pier Stefano Marangoni, Mario Cambi, Francesca Avalle
Script Orietta Borgia
Director of photography Marco Carosi
Editor Claudio Di Mauro
Production Design Francesca Romana Salvi, Stefano Foschi, Valentina Mattei
Music Alessandro Molinari
Original Voices Neri Marcorè (Leo)
Carlo Conti (Zanco)
Leo Gullotta (Cobo)
Simona Marchini (Mamma Elefante/Mother Elephant)
Elio Pandolfi (Camea)
Produced by Veronica Salvi

the story of leo regMario Cambi

Born in 1966 in Roma, he began his career in 1988 as a photographer. Then he worked as cameraman, editor, assistant director, director and writer. He graduated at Rome University (Department of Art, Music and Show). Since 1990 he worked for cinema and TV collaborating with companies such as Cecchi Gori, Luna Rossa Cinematografica, Esse&Bi and Dujass Film, and TV channels such as Rai, Tmc, and La7. Currently he works exclusively for Rai. In 2007 he published his first sci-fi novel, Genesi oltre la luce.

Director’s statement

“THE STORY OF LEO is about difference, whether between herds or between individuals. A solitary vegetarian lion and a sorrowful mother elephant meet, help each other, are lost and separated, and finally fall in love. Diversity of races, inner loneliness, social rejection, thirst for power... and famished cubs to feed, could sound like quite distant themes for children. That is, at least superficially. However, this story is in fact the tale of a journey, a search for a legendary place, the Milk Lake, and a dream of love that shatters all preconceived ideas. It expresses the importance of belonging to a united and open community, and the ability to accept ourselves as we are. [...] The power of animated film is its ability to hand down to future generations, through a language of today that is best understood and the most fun, the fundamental teaching of values such as tolerance, hope and love”.

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