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A 7 years-old orphan slum boy is adopted by an old lady who finds him on a footpath. In an encounter with some school students, they abuse him as an uneducated rag picker. This makes the boy take up a challenge to get educated. He wants to go to school, but his fellow rag picker friends laugh at his idea. However this boy’s determination makes him invent a new method of learning. He begins to befriend school children and plead them to teach alphabets. Soon he begins to run small errands for the children and the teachers. In turn, they teach him whatever they can and give him old books to learn. Thus starts the journey of a slum boy to get educated. This boy is a child prodigy who begins to learn faster than the other school children. This boy will struggle to find a way to live his dream: to go to school and to get an education. The story of this film is inspired by true life incidents.

Original Title C/O FOOTPATHH
Category Official Competition
Section First Screens
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 110'
Production Year 2006
Nationality India
Directed by Kishan Shrikanth
Screenplay Vagdevi
Script Kishan Shrikanth
In collaboration with Mysore Harish (dialogues)
Director of photography Mathew Rajan
Editor Lakshman Reddy
Production Design Hosmane Murthy
Costume Design Prabhu Raj
Music Ravi Dattatreya
Main cast Kishan Shrikanth
B. Jayshree
Sourabh Shukla
Jackie Shroff
Produced by G. Krishna, Prakash Madhugiri

care of footpath regKishan Shrikanth

He started his career in films at an age of 4 years and now he is 11 years-old. He has acted in 25 movies and more than 500 TV episodes. He is a computer whizz kid and is currently learning 3D computer graphics. He directed CARE OF FOOTPATH when he was 9 years-old. Whit this film, which is his first directorial venture, he is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record as the World’s Youngest Director of a professionally made feature length film.


Director’s statement

“I was inspired to do this movie based on an incident that took place in my life when I was 7 years-old, and since then I have been thinking about the underprivileged who need some motivation and inspiration in their life to pursue their education in spite of all the requirements being attended by government, and be better human beings, and work towards one universe.
“I have dedicated this movie to all the underprivileged children of this world. This movie was made for the underprivileged who want to fight their disabilities with courage. The main message of my movie is: no matter what you are and no matter how weak you are, every thing is mind over matter and if one believes in this, nothing on this earth can stop them”.

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