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For Hayat, a 20-year-old girl of Turkish-German background, football is the most important thing in her life. She’s the best player on her football team. When the doctors diagnose breast cancer, the operation changes her life. But she’s a fighter and soon wants to pick up where she left off. Hayat grew up with her father Baba Can – her mother died of cancer when Hayat was still a small child. No wonder that Baba Can is worried about his daughter. He forbids her to overdo and cancels her membership in the team. But he hasn’t reckoned with the tenacity of his daughter. Behind his back she joins up with ragtag bunch of social misfits who make up the Hamburg woman’s football team FC Schanze. Soon the girls, and above all the trainer Toni, is impressed by her enthusiasm. There is just one problem: Toni can’t understand why his attempts to flirt with Hayat are nipped in the bud.

Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 110'
Production Year 2005
Nationality Germany
Directed by Buket Alakus
Screenplay Buket Alakus, Jan Berger
Script Buket Alakus, Jan Berger
Director of photography Bella Halben
Editor Andreas Radtke
Production Design Iris Trescher
Costume Design Rike Russig
Sound Corinna Zink
Music Ali N. Askin
Main cast Karoline Herfurth (Hayat)
Ken Duken (Toni)
Thierry van Werveke (Baba Can)
Zarah Jane McKenzie (Ali)
Verena Wolfien (Silke)
Katrin Pollitt (Ärztin)
Produced by Ralph Schwingel, Stefan Schubert

offside regBuket Alakus

Born in 1971 in Istanbul, she grew up in Hamburg. After finishing her studies in communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, she began studying film directing at the University of Hamburg in 1996. After completing a number of short films, she directed her first feature film ANAM in 2000, which was awarded among other things the Audience Award at Filmfest Hamburg and the Prix Europa. She is currently working on the feature films BABA OGLU and MAX 259.


Director’s statement

“This is not a story about illness, but rather deals with finding a way back into life. In this extreme situation football becomes literally a game of life or death, because sports help Hayat to accept her body anew”.

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