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Vincent, 8, tries to make sense of the world. Taking his clues from the grown-ups, his logical conclusions include that in order to avoid death he must never go to sleep again. With the support of a tortoise, Vincent eventually realizes that grown-ups cannot always be trusted.

Original Title VINCENT
Category Official Competition
Section Free to Fly
Tipology Short Film
Duration 13' 49''
Production Year 2005
Nationality Germany
Directed by Giulio Ricciarelli
Screenplay Soern Menning
Script Soern Menning
Director of photography Torsten Lippstock
Editor Anne Loewer
Production Design Daniel Volckamer, Betty Morell
Costume Design Eva Kantor
Sound Kristofer Harris
Music Alessandro Ricciarelli
Main cast Konstantinos Batsaras (Vincent)
Sven Walser (lo zio/uncle)
Lisa Martinek (la madre/mother)
Gottfried Breitfuß (il prete/priest)
Mladen Steko (il padre/father)
Susanne Korbmacher (la zia/aunt)
Produced by Nicholas Conradt, Sabine Lamby

vincent regGiulio Ricciarelli

Born in 1965 in Milan (Italy). He got the University-entrance diploma in Tutzing, Munich in 1984. From 1985 to 1987 he attended the Otto-Falckenberg school for actors in Munich. In 1998 he founded the Naked Eye Filmproduction with producer Sabine Lamby. Up to now they have produced four features and two short films for cinema. VINCENT is his first work as director.

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