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1987. Zozo grows up in Beirut. In spite of the civil war, he leads a normal life with family, friends, school and his talking little chicken. But one day the inevitable tragedy strikes. His family is killed during a bomb attack. Zozo, torn away from his family, is forced to make his own way through life. With the help of a girl of his age, Rita, he reaches the airport where an officer accepts to send him to Sweden where his grandparents can take care of him. When he finally arrives in Sweden he spends the summer learning Swedish to be prepared for the new school. On his first day Zozo will find out that his schoolmates are not really ready to have a stranger in their class: he is beaten by older boys and he can’t react. His school life changes only when Leo, a schoolmate with a passion for books and a violent father, becomes his best friend.

Original Title ZOZO
Italian Title ZOZO
Category Official Competition
Section Free to Fly
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 103'
Production Year 2005
Nationality Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom
Directed by Josef Fares
Screenplay Josef Fares
Script Josef Fares
Director of photography Aril Wretblad
Editor Michal Leszczylowski, Kristin Grundström
Production Design Anna Asp
Costume Design Denise Östholm
Sound Niclas Merits, Robert Styrbjörn, Per Sundström, Evelyn Ficarra
Music Adam Nordén
Main cast Imad Creidi (Zozo)
Antoinette Turk (Rita)
Elias Gergi (il nonno/grandfather)
Carmen Lebbos (la madre/mother)
Viktor Axelsson (Leo)
Charbel Iskandar (il padre/father)
Produced by Anna Anthony

zozo regJosef Fares

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1977 but moved to Örebro in Sweden when he was 10. He began making films at the age of fifteen and has directed many shorts including LUNATICS (1995), GALILEO GHOSTHUNTER (1997), BAD LUCK (1998), KAJSA & MUHAMMED (1998), THE DICK (2000). A screenwriter and director, in 2001 he made his acclaimed feature film JALLA! JALLA!. The short COME ON! (2002) is his end-of-course essay at the Dramatiska Institutet and was presented in the Y GEN section at the GFF 2003. In the same year Fares directed his second film KOPPS.


Director’s statement
“ZOZO is the film that I’ve been dreaming of doing for such a long time […] I can’t really answer why I made it; it’s just always been in my head. It’s much more personal than anything I’ve done in the past, because it’s inspired by my own life. […] Zozo is a lor cuter than I ever was. I’d say in general, I made Zozo smarter, more soave and cooler…everything I wished I’d been”.

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