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Aniela lives with her father in a small town and dreams about being an actress. During the holydays she falls in love with Pawel, a boy coming from the big city Poznan. When holidays are over, Aniela visits her distant relatives in Poznan, telling them made-up story of her father and her mean stepmother, to be nearer to his love.

Original Title KLAMCZUCHA
Category Out of competition
Section Tribute to Polish Cinema
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 98'
Production Year 1982
Nationality Poland
Directed by Anna Sokolowska
Screenplay Anna Sokolowska
Based on the book "Liar" ("Klamczucha")
by Malgorzata Musierowicz
Director of photography Jacek Korcelli
Editor Maria Kuźmińska-Lebiedzik
Production Design Tadeusz Myszorek, Tatiana Manżett
Costume Design Krystyna Świnoga-Kycia
Music Jerzy Matuszkiewicz
Main cast Malgorzata Wachecka (Aniela)
Grzegorz Matysik (Pawel)
Marek Wójcicki (Robert)
Ewa Borowik (Tosia)
Leonard Pietraszak (Mamert)
Tatiana Sosna-Sarno (Danka)

Anna Sokolowska

Born in 1933 in Warsaw. She studied at the Film School in Lodz and worked as an assistant director of KING MATHEW I (KRÓL MACIUS I, 1958), OVERSHOES OF LUCK (KALOSZE SZCZESCIA, 1958), and as second unit director of ARGUMENT ABOUT BASIA (AWANTURA O BASIE, 1959), COMEDIANS (KOMEDIANTY, 1962). In 1963 she debuted as a director and a screenwriter with the feature film THE BIG, BIGGER, AND THE BIGGEST (WIELKA, WIEKSZA I NAJWIEKSZA). Some of her feature films received international awards: among these: BEATA (1965), BUN (BULECZKA, 1973), DIFFERENT (INNA, 1976) and THE LIAR (1982).

Studio Filmowe Kadr
Zespol Filmowy “Tor”