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The animal smugglers and illegal lumberjacks are destroying the Amazonian Forest. Taina, a beautiful and brave 13 year-old girl, has the task to defend the forest animals thanks to her combat skills. The little Indian Catiti, 6 year-old, follows and tries to imitate her. They break down the traps set up by rare specimens’ dealers. Professor Gaspar also protects the forest. His son Carlito arrives from the city with his dog Boris. The puppy gets lost in the woods and Carlito runs away from home to look for it. Catiti rescues Boris and wants to adopt it. Taina and Catiti meet Carlito and their relationship is troubled because of the cultural differences and the dispute over Boris. The evildoers cut down trees and capture and smuggle animals. When the gang gets the tribe’s pets, all forest’s friends must forget cultural and characterial differences and unite to help the animals, all led by Taina.

Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 79'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Brazil
Directed by Mauro Lima
Screenplay Claudia Levay
Script Claudia Levay
Director of photography Uli Burtin
Editor Diana Vasconcellos
Production Design Virginia Limberger. Erica Iootty
Costume Design Maísa Braga
Sound George Saldanha
Music Luiz Avellar
Main cast Eunice Baía (Tainá)
Vitor Morosini (Carlito)
Arilene Rodrigues (Catiti)
Andrezza de Faria (madre di Carlito/Carlito’s mother)
Rui Polanah (Vô Tigê)
Chris Couto (Zuzu)
Produced by Pedro Rovai

taina 2 regMauro Lima

Used to working with commercials and documentaries, Mauro Lima, 36 years old, was moved when Pedro Rovai hired him to direct Taina’s second adventure. In 2002, he was the most nominated director at MTV’s VMB - Video Music Brazil – 12 categories, including Best Music video, Best Director and Best Photography. He directed two long-feature films, LOURA INCENDIARIA (1996) and DEUS JUNIOR (2000), the last one already exhibited in festivals, but not yet released. Mauro was also the executive producer in LISBELA E O PRISIONEIRO and right now is preparing to shoot a documentary.


Director’s statement

“TAINA has something foreign movies do not have: TAINA’s story is ours. The girl who is familiar to jaguars and knows which tree makes the best sound, she’s Brazilian. It is in our imaginary”.

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