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Jason Fletcher, not the most popular kid in the small suburban community of Quaint Valley, spends all his time reading comic books. His favourite is “The Golden Blaze”, an African-American superhero series. At school Jason is forced to bear overbearances by the bully Leon Tatum. Jason is tired of being embarrassed by his nerdy scientist dad, Gregory Fletcher. Everything changes when Gregory’s experiment gives him super powers. Jason realizes his dad has gained powers similar to Golden Blaze. It’s up to Jason to train his dad on how to use his new-found abilities. But Jason learns he’s not the only kid in town whose dad has super powers. Leon’s dad, Quaint Valley’s richest and most powerful citizen Thomas Tatum, has acquired the abilities of Quake, Golden Blaze’s archenemy.

Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 84'
Production Year 2004
Nationality USA
Directed by Bryon E. Carson
Screenplay Archie Gips
Script Archie Gips
Editor Eric Bryant, Samer Alasadi
Sound David Kitchens
Music Joseph Stanley Williams
Original Voices Blair Underwood (Gregory Fletcher/The Golden Blaze)
Michael Clarke Duncan (Thomas Tatum/Quake)
Neil Patrick Harris (il proprietario del negozio di fumetti/the comic book shop owner)
Khleo Thomas (Jason/Sure Shot)
Sanaa Lathan (Monica)
Ricky D’Shon Collins (Leon Tatum)
Produced by Michael Jenkinson, Nichelle Protho

Bryon E. Carson

He got his start drawing comics professionally for Malibu Comics where he designed characters and penciled the art for a dozen books. Later he went to work for Interplay where he worked on computer games. Then he worked at Knowledge Adventure, where he helped design characters, produce animation and design games. After four years, Bryon joined Flip Your Lid Animation Studio, which led to his work as director/animator on the Internet animation series UNDERCOVER BROTHER. After animating 13 episodes of that series, he followed with Urban Entertainment’s MY BABIES’ MAMAS and THERE GOES THE NATION. After THE GOLDEN BLAZE, he is now preparing his next animated feature, BEANSTALK IN BROOKLYN.


Director’s statement

“This is just a good story about heroes, villains and childhood fantasies brought to life. From having great actors like Blair Underwood and Michael Clarke Duncan giving voice to characters I designed, to seeing those characters inspire real children to shout out the Golden Blaze’s catch-phrase ‘Let the Light of Justice show the way!’, this movie has been my own dream come true”.

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