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Miss Sweden is about 19-year-old Moa, who lives in a small town in Sweden. All her friends are heavily engaged in social issues, as well as being hardcore vegetarians and animal rights activists. On the whole, their behaviour is governed by what is politically correct. Despite doing her utmost to fit in, Moa errs constantly, for example by falling for the wrong guys, liking the wrong music and dressing (at least in her friends’ opinion) in a mainstream way – in other words being somewhat like the people they are protesting against. One day she realises that her friends, despite all her efforts, have little respect of her and simply regard her as a cartoon character, someone they can treat as they please. Moa decides she must start changing her life, even if that might lead to her being lonely.

Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 90'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Tova Magnusson-Norling
Screenplay Sara Kadefors
Script Sara Kadefors
Director of photography Anders Bohman
Editor Ewa J. Lind
Production Design Annelie Wemstad
Costume Design Anna Ågren
Sound Stefan Larsson, Richard Löthner
Music Anders Engström
Main cast Alexandra Dahlström (Moa)
Sebastian Ylvenius (André)
Leo Hallerstam (Jens)
Sverrir Gudnason (Conny)
Sissela Kyle (Iris)
Magnus Roosmann (Bengt)
Produced by Lena Rehnberg

miss sweden regTova Magnusson-Norling

Tova Magnusson-Norling was born in 1968, and debuted as an actress in 1991 in the feature film HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE. In all, she played in 6 feature films and 10 TV series. In 1999 she started directing her first radio show, CLOWNEN LUKTAR BENSIN. In 2003, Tova turned the show into a theatrical play at the Boulevard Theatre in Stockholm. She has also directed two theatrical plays: THE IMPOSSIBLE BOY, and its sequel CENSORN. Next she was commissioned by the Swedish National Television to direct episodes of the series HIGH SEAS (REDERIET). Then she directed a sit-com for Swedish National Television: HÅLL KÄFTEN!. MISS SWEDEN is Tova’s first feature film as director.


Director’s statement

“This story is a comedy about a young woman and her struggle to find identity, love and self-esteem. Fundamentals, in other words. We might call it an identity comedy. How do you take command of your own life? How do you get your own will into focus? And above all, how do you really know what’s good for you? These are some of the questions that Moa puts to herself and others in the course of this story. As the story progresses she also largely answers these questions”.

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