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The school is nearly over, and the Summer holidays are about to begin. For the three members of the Young Jönsson Gang, long days of swimming, idling in the sun, eating as much ice cream as they can and walking with the girl of their dreams lie ahead. But after a few “harmless” boyish pranks, the kids suddenly find themselves in a Boot Camp Regime-style for troubled teens and this on an isolated island directed by some shady-looking women. Run with severity and plenty of cold porridge, the boys soon realize they must escape! But wait! What if the rumours of a ship full of sweets on its way to the island are true?

Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 87'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Christjan Wegner
Screenplay Christjan Wegner
Script Christjan Wegner
Director of photography Jan Rydqvist
Editor Jan Persson
Production Design Jérôme Signori
Costume Design Sofie Peters
Sound Bengt Andersson, Tobias Lovnér
Music Jean-Paul Wall, Ragnar Grippe
Main cast Conrad Cronheim (Sickan)
Buster Söderström (Vanheden)
Anton Pettersson (Harry)
Maja Doshte (Doris)
Max Holmstrand (Junior)
Hampus Andersson-Gill (Biffen)
Produced by Fredrik Holmström, Christjan Wegner

the young jonsson gang at summer camp regChristjan Wegner

Christjan Wegner was born in Stockholm in 1959. He has worked for many years as a sound technician and an editor: he did the editing on the film MY LIFE AS A DOG (MITT LIV SOM HUND, 1985), by Lasse Hallström. In 1992 he becomes an assistant director and later directs TV serials such as REDERIET, writes screenplays and teaches in cinema and theatre schools. Since 1995 he has worked on commercials and in 1997 he directed his first feature film THE YOUNG JÖNSSON GANG followed by the THE YOUNG JÖNSSON GANG 2 – SHOWING OFF (both of them presented at the GFF, respectively in 1997 and in 1998) and ZINGO.


Director’s statement

“The film YOUNG JÖNSSON is a humoristic and exciting story about three young boys forming the gang ‘Jönssonligan’. This is the third film about the young gang. The films about ‘Jönssonligan’ are among the most popular child movies in Sweden. The story is taking place in the end of the 1950s, where the young boys are caught making false grades in school. They are therefore sent to summer camp on the beautiful island of Gotland in order to learn to be good members of society. The boys are looking forward to a summer of fun, with a lot of games, baths and ice cream. However, the camp is not exactly fun, with two terrible guards and a lot of dishwashing, cleaning of toilets and taking care of animals. The boys decide to escape the camp. But at the same time strange events are taking place on the island, involving the rich man Wall Enberg, candy, Russians, and a special brew. The scene is set for an exciting summer with the Young Jönssons. My vision of the film is to make a tale for kids because I think that children of today need good tales that encourage their fantasy”.

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