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The year is 3000. Geppetto, with the help of his loyal assistant Spencer, the cyber penguin, creates himself a son: Pinocchio, a one-of-a kind super-robot equipped for imagination thanks to the P3K microprocessor. Meanwhile, the town’s mayor, Scamboli, Geppetto’s archrival, thinks that kids disrupt the perfect order of his techno city Scamboville and builds an amusement park to contain them in one area. Scamboli then manipulates a naïve Pinocchio into helping him with a devious scheme to turn all the city’s children into robots, but Pinocchio - whose greatest wish is to become a real boy - realizes that something is wrong. With the help of his friends, Pinocchio confronts Scamboli and learns the valuable lessons that Cyberina, the holographic fairy, requires of him to realize his dream.

Original Title P3K: PINOCCHIO 3000
Italian Title PINOCCHIO 3000
Category Official Competition
Section Kidz
Tipology Animation, Feature Film
Duration 80'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Canada, France, Spain
Directed by Daniel Robichaud
Screenplay Claude Scasso, Peter Svatek
Script Claude Scasso, Peter Svatek
Art Director Nicolas Lebessis, François-Emmanuel Porché
Original Voices Sonja Ball (Pinocchio)
Howard Ryshpan (Geppetto)
Malcolm McDowell (Scamboli)
Whoopi Goldberg (Cyberina)
Howie Mandel (Spencer)
Helena Evangeliou (Marlene)
Italian Voices Jacopo Bonanni (Pinocchio)
Sergio Fiorentini (Geppetto)
Giorgio Lopez (Scamboli)
Platinette (Cyberina)
Franco Mannella (Spencer)
Valentina Mari (Marlene)
Produced by Jacques Pettygrew, Louis Duquet

p3k pinocchio 3000 regDaniel Robichaud

After his graduation in Arts and Graphic Design at the University of Quebec (1984) Daniel Robichaud joined the computer graphics department at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as a Designer and Art Director and he taught digital animation at the National Animation and Design Centre in Montreal. In 1993 he became Director of Animation at The Film & Tape Works in Chicago, where he directed commercials and developed independent animation projects. In 1994, Daniel moved to L.A. to work for Digital Domain as an Animation Supervisor. He contributed to such projects as Apollo 13, The Fifth Element, Titanic. He wrote and directed the short animated film, Tightrope. P3K: Pinocchio 3000 is his first feature film as a director.


Director’s statement

“Jacques Pettygrew gave me my fist break, when I was fresh out of school. CinéGroupe was ahead of the pack in 3D animation, and were the first in Montreal to have a Silicon Graphics workstation. I even created CinéGroupe’s first 3D logo! The film’s retro-futuristic style maximizes the potential of 3D animation. P3K: PINOCCHIO 3000 provided me with the opportunity to develop an unique world, and not re-create one that exists already, as I had done in TITANIC. When you do excellent special effects, the idea is that they are invisible! I welcomed the opportunity to be able to showcase my work. It was very important to me to be able to create excellence, even with the comparatively modest budget. I knew that if we planned well, we could achieve something special. And I think we did”.

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