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Sofie is 13 and preparing to start junior high. Together with her two best friends she is making plans for her new fabulous grown-up life – parties, new friends and getting to know the cute guy in school, Mouse. One day they are invited to a party, and Sofie, drunk on her own blend of home liquors, passes out. Mouse and his friends take advantage of the situation by taking photos of her. Soon she is labelled the school slut, and besides trying to fight her tarnished reputation, Sofie realizes that she can’t even rely on her two best friends – who are equally torned by the situation; choosing between their new gang or standing by their old friend?

Original Title HIP HIP HORA!
Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 91'
Production Year 2004
Nationality Sweden
Directed by Teresa Fabik
Screenplay Teresa Fabik
Script Teresa Fabik
Director of photography Pär M. Ekberg
Editor Sofia Lindgren
Production Design Cian Bornebusch
Sound Bo Persson, Martin Dahl
Music Jacob Groth
Main cast Amanda Renberg (Sofie)
Björn Kjellman (Krister)
Ellen Fjæstad (Amanda)
Linn Persson (Emma)
Filip Berg (Sebbe)
Marcus Hasselborg (Mouse)
Produced by Lars Blomgren, Genya Kihlberg

the ketchup effect regTeresa Fabik

Born 1976, Södertälje (Sweden). Writer and director, she made several short films before her feature debut, THE KETCHUP EFFECT. For this film she received the Kurt Linder scholarship 2003 for best feature debut by the Swedish Film Academy, and her film was given the Canal+ award at the Göteborg International Film Festival 2004.


Director’s statement

“THE KETCHUP EFFECT is my first feature film, and it deals with the pains and joys of growing up. Friendship and betrayal, love, the first sex experience, the struggle to fit in, but also breaking free and finding out who you are. I think these are issues that not only Swedish teenagers have to deal with, but most teenagers in the western world, as did I when I grew up”.
“The ending’s not at all realistic, of course. In reality Sophie would have been considered a slut right through school and maybe got her own back 25 years later. But I like to inspire people, to make them realise that others don’t have to set the rules. You can stand up for yourself and changes. And I like films where everything turns out right in the end”.

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