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The Ulmans are a tranquil bourgeois family until their father unexpectedly dies. Suddenly his wife and their four children find themselves having to come to grips with the pain of their loss and with the financial problems connected with the man’s death. 17 year-old Maya feels the burden of the new situation the most. She had dreamt of becoming a singer, but instead she finds herself looking after her younger brother and sister. In fact, her mother reacts to her loss by allowing herself to become completely absorbed by her work in the hospital. Notwithstanding Maya’s efforts, the family begins to break up: the younger daughter is afraid to go to school and also of the new building the family has moved into. The younger boy dreams of breaking the dangerous world record of diving into an empty swimming pool, while the older boy leaves school and finds a job distributing publicity flyers dressed as a mouse. When the exhausted Maya decides to leave home to follow her dream, the situation precipitates: the girl will soon be forced to return home.

Category Official Competition
Section Y Gen
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 87'
Production Year 2002
Nationality Israel
Directed by Nir Bergman
Screenplay Nir Bergman
Script Nir Bergman
Director of photography Valentin Belonogov
Editor Einat Glaser-Zarhin
Production Design Ido Dolev
Costume Design Ada Levin
Sound David Lis
Music Avi Belleli
Main cast Maya Maron (Maya)
Nitai Gvirtz (Yair)
Orly Silbersatz (Dafna)
Daniel Magon (Ido)
Eliana Magon (Bahr)
Vladimir Friedman (Valentin)
Dana Ivgy (Iris)
Produced by Assaf Amir

broken wings regNir Bergman

Born in 1969 in Haifa, he studied at the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem, where he graduated in 1998 with the short film SEA HORSES (SUSSEI YAM), which was presented at numerous festivals. He then wrote the much-acclaimed TV series REACHING FOR HEAVEN. BROKEN WINGS is his first feature film and was Israel’s foreign-language Oscar entry in 2003.


Director’s statement

“I used autobiographical material from my adolescence and I think that most of the film’s success stems from the unadorned authenticity of the story and the actors’ performance”.

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